Guys, I know.  Most of us see those Olympic swimmers on television and think, “What the hell?  Are they hairless?  Have they not gone through puberty or something?”  The fact of the matter is, though, that it’s mostly a premeditated process that takes time and concentration.

There are lots guys these days heading into get waxed and remove hair at the request of a woman.  It’s annoying as hell, I know.  But another fact of the matter is that women usually prefer a man to be well groomed and “clean”…from head to toe. 

I’m not saying that you have to be bald all around…but some responsible trimming and keeping things a little neat can go a long way.  In the eyes of women and for your own personal hygiene this is a win-win. Personally, I have chest hair that would drag on the ground if I didn’t trim it down a little bit.  My back, though...clean.  Every man has different manscaping needs.

So, for all you sasquatches out there, let’s take a loot at 5 Reasons to Manscape and 5 Tips to Do it Safely and More Comfortably

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5 Reasons to Mansape

1.  The Chicks Dig It 

Is there any better reason?  Maybe you’re not heterosexual and the other dudes dig it…whatever.  To each his own.  But the reason being “to attract others that you’re attracted to in order to become closer and more intimate” is a pretty damn good reason regardless of gender. 

Of course, there are some ladies (and other men) out there that like their men to be furry.  That’s cool, too.  Just decide on what kind of person you’re trying to attract before you shave it off or let it all grow out into a dense man-jungle.

2.  Make the Muscles Stand Out BOOM!

If you work out then you know that it’s kind of hard to see all that hard work under a blanket of man-thistle.  Sure, you can see bulk and if you’re a power lifter maybe you don’t care if all that weight is buffeted in fur…  However, if you’re all cut up and want to show that hard work paying off at gym while you're at the beach or pool then the best way to go is at least a little bit trimmed.  If you can’t make out the line between your pecs because its suffocated by hair then you might want to think about some manscaping.

3.  Self-Confidence:  The Power to NOT Wear a T-shirt at the beach…in the water…

Yeah, I feel bad for guys that wear t-shirts at pools or at the beach.  I understand if you’re trying to protect your skin from the sun but I’ve seen my share of not-so-fair-skinned dudes with a soaking wet, white t-shirt at the beach. (Yuck)  You know why?  It’s usually because they’re not real confident in their body.   Maybe it’s cause they’re out of shape.  Maybe they’re missing a nipple and don’t want the strange looks and questions.  But, a lot of the time, it’s because they’re a little too bushy on the back.  Manscaping can alleviate that stress and save money on t-shirts.

4.  Because You’re So Vain…(You probably think this article is about you.)Manscaping with 40 year old virgin Steve CarrellCredit: 40 year Old Virgin Movie

Hell, we’re men.  Do we really need a reason to manscape if we want to?  I mean, besides the fact that we’re sexy and we know it?  Hellz to the naw!

Some dudes just want to look good all the time.  Haircuts weekly.  They get pedis and manis.  They dress to kill every time they leave the house.  Even for the gym.  (I don’t understand people who need brand new gear every time they go to the gym…but whatevs, though.)

The fact is that you like to look good and take pride in your appearance.  You don’t need to explain that to anyone.  So, make sure that your body hair is taken care of too. 

5.  It Makes the Little Guy…Stand Out!

This probably could’ve (and should’ve) been the number one reason on this list.  But, I hesitated and put it last.  Here it goes; having less hair in the area of your penis makes your manhood stand out that much more.  So, if you have penis-size issues then you can do a lot for you and the little guy’s self-confidence by trimming the shrubbery around the branch a little bit.

That’s it for the 5 Reasons You SHOULD be manscaping.  Read on to learn how to do it better!

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Techniques to Make Manscaping More Comfortable

Get the Right Equipment to Handle the Equipment

Forget the disposable, $1.99 razors and shaving cream.  Chances are that if you’re already covered and looking like Chewbaca, then you’re not going to be shaving it down to skin with a disposable razor.  Get yourself a decent hair trimmer with guards and adjustable settings.   

Do Not Wax Alone!

If you’re new to manscaping, not under the watchful eye of a woman or just plain inept…DO NOT buy a home wax kit and start going to work yourself.  You’ll mess it up.  You’ll burn yourself.  You’ll spill wax.  You'll get it in your eye.  We’re men.  We’re not good at this sort of thing. If you insist on waxing, leave it to the professionals.

Manscaping ProblemsCredit:

You’re NOT a Woman…

Don’t skin your chest and arms.  It’s weird and it hurts.  You can develop rashes, razor burn, in-grown hairs and all kinds of stuff that will make you into an itchy looking freak. Besides that, when you take off your shirt you entire chest will look like an infected puddle of goo.  That’s not the look you’re going for here.

This is Hygiene, Not Art

Don’t get ahead of yourself.  Don’t get creative.  There’s no reason for you to trim your initials into your chest or cut your pubic hair into a design.  You’re NOT an ancient Egyptian and, no matter what you think about your manhood, it is NOT another “wonder of the world”.  It’s a penis.  Don’t make it into a caricature.

The Derriere (Your Butt, Guys)

Hey, it’s a truth, right?  Lots of dudes have hair on their butts.  I’m not one to advise that you go to a professional for this one, but it’s up to you.  If you want it clean shaven and smooth (or if your girls wants that) then you have to make some tough choices.  Personally, I'd do it myself with the help of stretching exercises, a prayer, a couple of beers, the rights tools and a mirror.  But…that’s just me.

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