Getting rid of the rug and eliminating back hair

Excess back hair is the most difficult type of body hair to remove. Because of the location of back hair, and the fact that it is very difficult to reach it is impossible for any man to remove the excess fuzz and fur by himself. Therefore, the only way of doing this is to get someone else to remove the excess fuzz and fur for you. Removing the excess back hair can be done using any of the normal hair removal techniques, such as shaving, waxing, using removal creams or using laser removal techniques.

Shaving excess back hair with a razor

Shaving is the easiest way of removing the excess fuzz nad fur at home, however you will need a kind and considerate partner or close friend to shave your back hair for you. Many people will consider shaving the excess fuzz and fur with a razor off putting and there are few people who will be totally comfortable with doing this.

Shaving your back rug involves slicing the top off each hair therefore shaving excess back hair with a razor is a very short term solution and the hair will return in a short space of time. This means you will have to shave your back every couple of days if you use this method of excess back hair removal.

Because of the problems associated in shaving excess back hair with a razor blade it is something many people can not take advantage of in their own homes.

A good wet razor and can of shaving gel is need to remove excess back fuzz and fur effectively. A good, wet razor blade will result in a close and smooth shave.

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Using hair removal cream to get rid of excess back hair

Many cosmetic companies produce hair removal cream and this can also be used to remove excess back hair. Hair removal cream is relatively cheap, and since it is sold by most major supermarkets and drug stores you won’t have any problems in getting hold of some.

Using hair removal cream is very simple and involves smearing the cream over your back, leaving it to work its magic for a few minutes and then rinsing off with warm water. It is impossible to smear hair removal cream over your own back therefore you are going to need to find someone to do it for you.

Hair removal cream contains chemicals that effectively burns the back hair off therefore it needs to be treated with care. You need to ensure you don’t leave the hair removal in too long as it may burn your skin. Similarly, you may have an allergic reaction to the hair removal cream so make sure you do a test on a small area of skin before you go and smear it all over your back.

Providing you don’t have any allergic reactions, using hair removal cream is painless. Using hair removal cream will keep your excess back hair at bay for longer than shaving it with a razor will, but it is not a permanent back hair removal solution by any means.

Waxing excess back hair

Another method of removing excess back hair is to wax it. It is possible to buy a home waxing kit to remove excess back hair, however you will not be able to use this yourself and you will need to find someone to wax your back for you. As with shaving excess back hair, many people find waxing excess back hair off putting and will be reluctant to wax a back.  Fortunately, there are many beauty salons that offer back hair waxing services, so if you can’t find a willing family member or friend you can always go and see a professional beautician, although it will cost you.

Waxing involves pulling the hair out at the root therefore waxing is a painful process. If you have a low pain threshold you need to consider this before you get your back waxed. Since the back hair is pulled out at the root the hairs take much longer to grow back than shaved hair therefore you will not have to get your excess back hair waxed too frequently.

If you are going to use a wet razor to shave off excess back fuzz and fur you are going to need to reduce the length of the hair down to a manageable length. This is best done using a set of electronic clippers like the ones pictured here.

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Removing excess back hair with laser surgery

The final method of removing excess back hair is to have laser surgery. This cosmetic procedure requires a trip to a professionally qualified laser surgeon to zap your excess back hair with a laser. Laser treatment is expensive and will require a couple of trips to the surgery to complete the procedure.

 Many laser surgeries claim the procedure will remove the unwanted back hair for good, although many people have found they do get a tiny amount of back hair growing back after the laser surgery, therefore the results will vary from person to person.

Blasting your back hair, or any other body hair, with a laser does carry some potential risks, which could create more problems. Before having laser surgery to remove your excess back hair you need to do some research, ask questions and satisfy yourself laser surgery is for you.


If you have a willing partner shaving excess back hair is by far the best way to keep your back rug under control. Whilst you will have to shave your back with a razor frequently it is cheap, painless and you can have it done in the privacy of your own home.

For the ultimate in male grooming ad manscaping you are going to need a set of clippers complete with all the attachments. The Phillips grooming kit has everything you need to remove all the excess hair.

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If you do not have a willing partner or friend to shave your back for you the ultimate method of keeping your excess back hair under control is to have it removed using a laser. However, because of the high costs and the potential dangers involved in laser surgery many people will not even contemplate laser surgery. In these circumstances the best option to keep your back hair at bay is to get it waxed by a professional beautician. Whilst this is going to cost you, it is nowhere near as expensive as laser surgery and there are many beauty salons that offer a back hair waxing service.