Week 2

This week is going to be pretty up and down. I really don’t have much energy. Being jobless is killing my self-esteem and motivation. Hope we can find the energy to move forward. I know it will pay off. Just wish I could see it now. Here we go.


1.     Write 4 articles

2.     External Link Signups

3.     Start Direct Links

If I poorly explained direct and indirect links in my earlier post, then please let me reiterate what these are. Direct links are those articles that I write that directly link to the website, page, or article that I’m trying to rank. Indirect links are those articles or bookmarks that I link to the direct link articles. Kind of like a Tier system. I explain the Tier system in more detail in my article “Why I Love Social Monkee”.

Here are a few of my direct link sites that I plan to use:

  • EZine Articles
  • GoArticles
  • Amazines
  • HubPages
  • InfoBarrel
  • WordPress blogs that I create just for backlinking
  • Weebly
  • Squidoo
  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
  • LiveJournal
  • Article Dashboard
  • Article Blast
  • Article Alley
  • Buzzle
  • iSnare
  • Reddit
  • FreeLibrary

Following is a list of the indirect sites that I will be using:

  • Social Monkee
  • Social ADR
  • InfoPirate
  • SheToldMe
  • Digg
  • Google Buzz
  • Jaiku
  • Sokule
  • Article Click
  • Acme Articles
  • Article Rich
  • Look 4 It
  • PageRage
  • Delicious
  • Search Articles
  • Article Snatch
  • Blogwidow.com
  • Workoninternet.com
  • Site Reference
  • Article Cube

So I jumped to #65 on Google this week.  That’s a nice start, but I think it was the Google jumping game that was going on.  What happened was that Google didn’t know how to place my site, so they first put me at #102, then realized the content of progression of my site and they placed it much higher.  Now it’s going back and forth between 64 and 66. 

            I haven’t really been able to start backlinking due to the fact that I am uber-poor.  I want to purchase “The Best Spinner”, but it’s for PC only and its fricken $77/yr.  I can’t afford that yet!  So I don’t really know how to go about spinning articles besides writing new original articles for every direct link I’d like.  For this type of site, that’s ridiculous. 

            I did happen to sign up for a bunch of direct external link sites such as HubPages, Squidoo, Weebly, Blogger, etc.  And I did write a bunch of quality content.  So that was good.  What else did I do?

  • Created a page for videos (added 3 videos)
  • Created a Job Board
  • Joined InfoBarrel and wrote 2 articles pointing to my site
  • Created a couple “blogs” and put single posts on them pointing back to my site

I’ve noticed that the more I read other blogs I get depressed.  They seem to be doing so much more than I’m able.  They seem to be way smarter than myself.  And they have all the resources that I don’t.   It gets quite depressing, but I know I need to strap down and focus and I can get a little cash going to put right back into the biz.  Here’s to another week!

Week 2 Part 2

            Ummm…I don’t know how to say this, but here goes: at the beginning of the week I was at #65. I joined InfoBarrel and wrote 3 articles for them, only one pointing back to my site.  I also wrote some high-quality content on the actual site itself and put up a job board as well. But come today (Thursday), I hit #18 on Google.  Wow!  Now to quickly monetize.

Week 3


1.     Write 4 articles

2.     More Direct Links

3.     Start InDirect Links

Well, I don’t really see myself following these goals I set out at the beginning of the year. I’m pretty random in the way I’ve been doing things. Currently I’m ranked at #15 in Google, #5 in Yahoo, and #5 on Bing. That’s pretty good, but I wanna be first! But patience is key here.

What I did this week was basically sign up for InfoBarrel and write a bunch of articles. In the signature boxes I put 2 links back to my niche site. That’ll help in the long run as InfoBarrel grows in PageRank.

Another big thing was that I’ve made $7.92 from the Adsense I put on the site. Very excited about that. I’m really curious to know what the pay will be at #1 in Google. Can’t wait! I really need the money.

I also created more direct backlinks from making one-post blogs and stuff. I’d really like to get some .edu or .gov backlinks. We’ll see if I can pull that off. You see, Google looks at government sites as already having a ton of authority, so if you can get a link or two from those sites, then that would boost your site up dramatically. The juices coming from those sites are astounding.


So you see how important it is to backlink. Many people believe that just writing articles or building websites is all you have to do. That’s not true. Building backlinks should be 80% of all that you do. The 20% is writing those main articles, pages, or building the websites that you want to rank. Backlinking is key to your success. But here’s the rub: quality backlinks are so much more important than the quantity of backlinks. Google is changing things up when it comes to search results. Social media has become a giant that Google cannot ignore anymore. So your search results will change dramatically, depending upon your status with Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Facebook.

A couple of my goals for the niche site is to add it to StumbleUpon, create a Twitter account for it, and a Facebook fan page. This will definitely help me to rank higher in the SERPs. If you want that too, then you’d be wise to look ahead and do the same. Being socially-minded is the key ingredient. And use that social media to help create natural backlinks to your site, page, or article.

Til next week!