The increasing demand for consumer goods makes manufacturers compete to be the best in both quality and sales of their products in the market. Unfortunately, there are some who falsely advertise their products in order to gain more customers.

Needless to say, it is the consumers' trust in the manufacturer would lead them to buy the product that they believe can improve their lives. But, in some instances, these products can cause more harm than good especially if it has a tendency to aggravate the consumer's existing health condition.

These complications and accidents can result to fatalities that can be attributed to the negligence of the company responsible in making their products safe and potent to their target market. The beneficiaries of the demised can file a lawsuit against these companies with the help of a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney who can assist them in recovering compensation.

Here are some instances when a manufacturer's false claims can cause more harm than good.

  • Consumer will substitute his prescribed medication for herbal drugs with unfounded therapeutic claims
  • Drivers depending on their vehicle's air bag deployment in collisions only to find out that they are defective
  • Salmonella contamination from a ready-to-eat product
  • Baby products advertised for a certain age group which it could not safely accommodate
  • Advertisements of medical procedures that blindsides patients of incurring worse health conditions
  • Durability of a certain product even if it is yet to be tested

In a recent case, a pharmaceutical company has agreed to settle with three states who filed a joint complaint regarding the company's false claims regarding the potency of one of their multivitamins. The multi-million settlement surely has other effects on the company as their consumers may be hesitant to purchase their other products fearing that they are not effective as well.

Aside from pharmaceutical companies, vehicle manufacturers should also be cautious in their advertising and make sure that their claims can be substantiated. They should conduct tests that would prove the good quality of their products as well as its components.

The vehicle's crashworthiness should also be tested to make sure that their consumers can depend on the sturdiness of their vehicle that should protect them in cases of collision.

Injured victims of these false advertisements must consult with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney who will assist them and determine whether they have a valid claim against the manufacturer or the distributor of the defective product.