Bowling is the most popular leisure sport with people. People use sessions of bowling to bond with each other. It is also a favored venue for many birthday parties for people. Likewise, bowling is also a good theme for your child’s birthday party. Here we will take a look at what kind of bowling party favors you can choose to thank other children for joining your child’s party.

Choosing birthday party favors for the bowling theme is easy, because it is actually something that people of all ages enjoy playing. You will find bowling favors suited to absolutely any age group. Also the shape of the bowling pins and the ball is such that you can create a lot of custom party favors on your own.

Bowling is first and foremost, a sport. The most prominent way of showing your allegiance to a sport is T-shirts. Shirts make for good party gifts because they are easily customizable for children. For instance, if you have many kids coming to the party, you can have a shirt for each of them with their names printed on to them to give them a more personal touch.

Water bottles look more or less like bowling pins and their shape is such that they make for good water bottle gifts to children as favors. If your child is around 2-4 years old, you might want to go for bowling pin shaped sipper cups instead of water bottles. Water bottles are actually the first idea that comes to mind when thinking of this birthday party favors.

Balls are too heavy for children below 5 years to be playing bowling. However, you can still make up for that by including a mini bowling see as part of bowling party favors and goodie bags. As silly as it may sound to you, children will actually enjoy playing with the plastic sets a lot. It is after all just as good as this sports an actually alley for them.

Stickers are very popular with kids, whatever the theme of your child’s birthday party is. You will find children collecting a dizzying number of stickers of different types and that tells you about their popularity. Stickers featuring children’s favorite television characters in some alley will be a huge hit with all the kids attending your child’s birthday party.

Keyrings are very popular gifts, no matter what the occasion is. No doubt, they are very popular with kids too. They can use it anywhere such as their school bag zips. Bowling keyrings featuring pins or even the balls are very attractive to children. You can easily find bowling keyrings in bulk on sale for very low prices, since these are very easy to make.

The bowling party favors that are mentioned above are good for a start. Once you get an idea, you can probably come up with even better ideas for making party favors geared specifically towards kids. A good idea would be to create some games for children around the party favors to increase the recall value of the favors. That way, kids will also enjoy your child’s party even more.