Many people don't believe you can get rich writing articles online for InfoBarrel. I say it all depends on your definition of "rich". If I am making $1,000 a month writing for online sites such as Bukisa, Triond, and Associated Content then I would consider myself rich.

At a $1,000 per month I could write for a living. I could live in a cabin in the woods or down by the lake. I could move to any town I wanted to and live for a few months before moving on without a job tying mA Cabin Bought With InfoBarrel Earningse down. If my daughter has a school play then I can go to it as I do not have to report to a boss. I make my own hours.

I don't have to go to any MLM meetings with flow charts, bubbles, and False motivation.I write for myself. At a $1,000 per month I could commit myself to working even harder as I would have more time dedicated to writing more articles thus making more money.

The thing I will look forward to most is when those people you know but don't really care much for ask" so where do you work now?". I will be able to look them in the eye and say I worked in my 'living room today but last week I was on a beach in Maui and the week before that I was working in my underwear in my cabin in the mountains". Basically I can work wherever I want to. Even if I go to jail I can continue to write articles and have someone on the outside publish them on the internet for me.

Writing For Infobarrel and similar sites can make your rich. For me it will only take a $1,000 a month. Some Infobarrel members average about $1.50 per article a month once they have built their portfolio of articles up. At 1.50 per article average pay per it would take 667 articles to make a thousand dollars a month. Let's be reasonable and round that number up to a thousand articles needed.

At a 1,000 articles in your Infobarrel folio you could earn around a thousand dollars per month. Can you write a thousand articles for Infobarrel? I know I can and I will prove it. Just check in on me once in awhile and you will see my folio of articles growing each day. My Infobarrel goal is to write 500 articles by May 31st 2010.

I am fortunate that I have a job that has more down time than busy time. This allows me to write for Infobarrel while I am at work in addition to my spare time away from work.

My motivation for writing many articles is freedom. The freedom to do what I want without being chained down to a 9-5 job or lack of finances. My motivation is not greed. It is so I can spend more time with my family and to be able to afford to take them on vacations. If that is greedy then so be it.