The maori tattoo designs have been used as an ornament for the skin in many cultures and countries. The patterns used to create the tattoo have a cultural and historical significance. Many of the images, shapes and designs of the tattoo are based from the body art created by the Maori People from New Zealand.
The ancient maori tattoos have been documented using the pictures of the New Zealand natives taken decades ago. The tattoo is very attractive and artistic.

The patterns are used to create a certain image or design. The natives have used the tattoo to show the role of the person in society. Warriors consider the tattoo as a form of protection or shield that could help them fight and win the battle. Using the different patterns, the image of a tiger can be shown. This allows the person to feel stronger when facing opponents.
The maori tattoo designs has been used by many people to add complexity in their appearance. It can be placed in the shoulders, back, arms and feet. The tattoos can be made using different colors. This makes the tattoo compatible to either male or female costumers.

Different pictures of objects and items can be blended with the maori tattoo design. This would allow the tattoo to have a modern appearance. The tattoo parlor offers thousands of maori tattoo designs. Different tattoo patterns are available including modern, tribal and custom designs.

The tribal pattern is the most commonly used by customers. The tribal designs are very eccentric and unique. It imitates the stripes and patterns found in the body of animals. The modern maori tattoos modifies the tribal designs by adding different shapes and objects. This allows the tattoo artists to be more creative when making unique designs.

The custom maori tattoo is created based on the ideas and preference of the customer. People can personalize the maori tattoos by adding different images. Some people even use the custom maori tattoo to express their love, joy and pride by adding the names and pictures of people they care about.

The maori tattoo designs is a very beautiful skin ornament which can be used to enhance the appearance of a person.