Are you tired of getting really bad directions from MapQuest? Well, when MapQuest first came out, they were one of the best in class when it came to providing free to use satellite aided driving directions in America. But ever since the advent of Google Maps, Google Earth and GPS systems, MapQuest driving directions have deteriorated in quality in the face of increased competition. This is to be expected when you come into direct competition with an Internet behemoth like Google, I suppose, but it still makes me sad that one of my favorite websites has lost its old glamour.

Up until a few years ago, you could easily type in exactly where you wanted to go into MapQuest and print out directions as needed. But nowadays, you would be much better off using Google Maps in my opinion. MapQuest has gotten many people lost and is the butt of many jokes, but it is still synonymous with finding directions online. This is because when it first came out, MapQuest was revolutionary. So much so that when people would want to get directions, their friends would say, "why don't you just MapQuest it?"

Today, the website has fallen behind but the vernacular still remains. People will still say they are getting MapQuest driving directions when in reality they are probably at some other site such as Google Maps or Bing.

But all in all, you are much better off purchasing a nice state of the art GPS device for your car. If you are lost in the middle of nowhere with no computer or internet to be found, you can always use your trusty GPS. Many people will tell you that they have GPS in their phones and so they are covered but the truth of the matter is that your phone's GPS may not give you the best results. For one thing, you would have to rely on a tiny screen to program your driving directions and for another you would have to rely on being in an area where you get great network coverage.

If you are a regular highway driver, you would have noticed that network coverage is less than perfect in the middle of nowhere. So, instead of relying on your iPhone to tell you where to go, it might be better to invest in a reliable GPS system made especially for cars. And if you still want to, you could definitely try to get driving directions from Google Maps before leaving home but alas MapQuest Driving Directions aren't what they used to be.