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If you travel to Goa, India you need to visit the Mapusa Market, which is a famous open air market that takes place every Friday. It is also called the Mapusa Friday Market. It actually runs in a lesser form every day, but the Friday market is the day to go to get the best selections, the best products and the most variety.

What can you buy at the Mapusa Market?

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Mapusa Market is one of the best places to visit in Goa, India. Every Friday from about 8 a.m. to dusk you will find plenty of different booths with all kinds of products and services.  These consist of stalls for lottery tickets, barber shops, fresh fish sellers, fruit and vegetable stalls, as well as sellers of spices, baked goods, tea shops, baskets, clothing and much much more!

You will also find handmade products that are only offered at the Mapusa Market and nowhere else in the world since many of the products are made by the women of Goa especially to sell here. Plus, the Goan people normally only buy their foodstuffs for a few days at a time, so all of the produce and meats sold are extremely fresh and grown or caught locally.

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This market is definitely on the top of the list of what people travel to Goa, India to see and experience. It is only 13 kilometers from Panaji, and the town of Mapusa has been Goa’s primary marketplace for hundreds of years, so they know how to do it right. This unique and fascinating example of a native flea market type atmosphere is definitely something tourists don’t want to miss experiencing.

How did Mapusa Market Get its Start?

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The original Mapusa Market was first mentioned in 1850 by a Dutch Chronicler. He called it the “Bazaar Grande.” The word Mapsusa means literally a place where goods are measured and bought. And this is what they have been doing at the market for hundreds of years.

The Mapusa Market is also said to have come from ancient times when festivals were held to give honor to the God Of Kanakeshwar Baba because the town was close to the religious site of the Bodegeshwar Temple. It has been a referred spot in Goa for hundreds of years and remains so today.

To this day, the Mapusa Market is an interesting look into the local life of the native Goans. You can haggle with them for prices on everything from food to clothes or trinkets. You might even find some valuable antiques amid the dried fish and spices, as you never know exactly what all the booths will hold.

Don’t Miss the Mapusa Market Experience

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The bottom line is that if you are on a Goa vacation, then you will not want to miss attending this colorful and exciting example of the Goan culture and lifestyle. Whether you want snacks or food for your stay, a haircut, a souvenir, or some exotic native clothing, you are bound to find something you love and want to buy at the Mapusa Market.