Marble Shower Walls

Although there are various types of tiling designs available for home decor, marble shower walls are recommended if you want a classic touch to your bathroom design.

Marble is a natural stone that is processed to create materials for architecture and design, and is a common design for kitchens, bathrooms and foyers. It can even be used outdoors, as in swimming pool decks. It is rather expensive, being one of the most elegant materials used for shower walls. Marble shower walls are a popular choice among homeowners who wish to improve their homes' aesthetic quality and make it look more appealing.

Choosing marble for your shower wall

There are several characteristics to consider when choosing the material to cover your bathroom or shower walls. Water resistance is one, as you don't want the covering peeling off too quickly or reacting to the water. Another is decorative quality. People spend a good amount of time preparing their selves for the day in the bathroom, and the psychological effect of a pretty-looking bathroom wall is subtle, but works wonders for optimism. One other thing to consider is that the material shouldn't be too difficult to clean, and that it should be relatively long lasting.

Natural stone is a popular choice nowadays for shower walls and bathroom decor in general. There are two types: silicone and calciferous stone. Marble falls under the calciferous category, and as such is composed of calcium carbonate and is extremely sensitive to acid cleaning solutions, so it's best to remember that when purchasing cleaning materials for your bathroom.

Marble shower walls considered very fashionable, despite the fact that it is one of the most difficult materials to care for in a bathroom. One reason is that marble is extremely porous, thus making it quite absorptive of bathroom scum and minerals from the water. This usually leaves marble shower walls with a distinct discoloration, and this is the last thing you want for your bathroom, as the discoloration is difficult (some even say impossible) to remove. It can also be quite fragile, and marble can crack easily over time. This is why buying good quality marble is essential; in the long run, the high cost is offset by its longer life.

When choosing marble as a shower wall covering, ensure that you get all the information regarding its care before getting it installed. If you don't have the time or patience to keep up with a diligent bathroom cleaning schedule, you probably want a shower wall covering that is easier to maintain, as marble shower walls are definitely on the "high maintenance" list.

Care of marble shower walls

Marble shower walls provide a classy touch to your bathroom, and are well worth the effort in keeping the marble clean. As this requires meticulous effort, it is highly recommended that you consider the time you are willing to set aside for caring for your marble shower walls.

As with other shower walls, your worst enemy is soap scum, or scum itself, for that matter. Because marble shower walls are porous, this problem is compounded. Problems with soap scum can be reduced by running a squeegee down the walls after each use.

To remove scum that has already settled itself in the marble, a non-acidic soap scum remover or a water-ammonia solution (approximately 1/2 cup of ammonia to a gallon of water) should do the trick. Never use acidic solutions on marble. This will degrade the quality of the marble, as it erodes natural stone. Remember that frequent use of ammonia will dull the surface of the stone, so focus on scum prevention instead of having to deal with them when they're already there. Alternative cleaning solutions are hydrogen peroxide or bleach. (Do not, under any circumstances, mix bleach and ammonia, as the ensuing mixture produces a toxic lethal gas.)

Water stains and rings, or the accumulation of hard water, do not need special solutions, and can be buffed with a dry steel wool.

Price of marble shower walls

The price of marble shower walls depends on the surface area that needs to be covered. The running price range for it is $40 to $80 per square meter, with some running as high as $100. This also depends on marble quality. Some suppliers may sell marble below the average price range; it is highly discouraged that you purchase their products as they may be of substandard quality. Although quite expensive, marble is an excellent wall covering, especially when talking about aesthetics. Just remember that extra care is needed in maintaining the integrity of marble shower walls, however, the overall appeal is most definitely worth it.