One of the most elegant pieces of furniture you can add to your dining room or outdoor patio are marble tables for sale. There's nothing quite like them and many owners swear by them as the best that money can buy. You might not realize it but they definitely don't come cheap, even when you buy them used. This is simply because marble tables are top-quality, but you can rest assure that you get what you pay for in most cases. Those who are new to shopping for this furniture should find this article useful as we go over some of the most popular models to choose from, and where you can get them for cheap.

Hillsdale Patterson Rectangle Dining Marble Tables for Sale

The first brand we'll look at is Hillsdale Patterson. Their model 4078-814 is one of the most gorgeous dining sets available. With a beautiful dark oak finish, these transitionally designed marble tables are flawlessly constructed with clean lines and right angles. You have the choice of having either rectangle tapered legs or a round pedestal style. The dimensions are 30" H x 60" L x 36" W, making these extremely spacious and can easily be used to seat up to 6 people. Normally, these run in the price range of about $600, but at the time of writing this article, has these marble tables for sale cheap, at around $560.

AMBfurniture Moderna Classy Marble Tables for Sale

If you're looking for something a bit smaller than the previously mentioned dining set, check out AMBfurniture's Moderna Classy series. These come with an attractive brown finish wood frame and the tabletop itself is a medium brown finish to go along with. The tabletop has a 54-inch diameter and the entire thing stands about 31 inches tall. You can buy AMBfurniture's marble tables as a 5-piece set which includes 4 vinyl upholstered parsons chairs available in either black, brown, or taupe. has them for cheap, priced at about $670, compared to the more common $720 cost from competing sites.

Cheap Marble Tables for Sale

Since they can be pretty expensive, a lot of people are looking to find them for cheap prices, understandably. There are a few ways to go about this. One option is to look online and compare prices between all of the websites that have cheap marble tables for sale. You can do this by using Google's Shopping feature which allows for easy and convenient shopping and comparing. Additionally, you can use the filter option to narrow down your results to a price range that's best suited for your wallet.

Another option is to get fake ones, or faux marble tables. These are quite a bit cheaper simply because they're not made of the same expensive material, however, to most outsiders there is little to no visible different between the faux dining sets and the real ones. They sell for about half the price on average and they're still attractive and durable, just not as much as the real thing.

There are a lot of marble tables for sale out there in cyberspace. Online furniture stores are plentiful and they're all competing head-to-head for your sales. You might be surprised at how cheap some products are on one site when compared to the majority of others. Be sure to look around the internet for the best prices and selection if you can't find any good marble tables for sale around town.