Marble and granite tiles have many uses for your home, office, or other space that you want to spruce up and make look great.  If you are considering a home remodel of some sort, you might want to consider using this kind of tiling.  As with any other types of building materials, there are pros and cons to using them, which I would like to go over with you.  I would also like to share the basic pricing compared to other materials, along with same ways to actually use marble and granite tiles in your home or office.

Many Uses for Marble and Granite Tile

Flooring:  You will find marble and granite tiles are very popular for flooring with good reason.  It is considered a higher quality than ceramic or vinyl flooring, and therefore, tends to be viewed as more luxurious and high end.  Of course, there are many other uses you might want to explore for this type of material, some of which, you might not have considered before.

Tub Surrounds:  Either stone will look very elegant as a tub and shower surround.  Since you can get all kinds of different colors and styles, you will find it pretty easy to get one to match almost any interior color scheme.  Both marble and granite tiles will be good options to keep in mind for something like this.

Countertops:  I would not suggest marble for kitchen countertops, which is talked about in more detail a little further down the page, but for bathrooms it would probably be fine.  You could use them for vanity tops pretty nicely. Granite would be fine for either application and would add a very nice, natural touch to your kitchen.

Tabletops:  You’ve probably seen tables with ceramic tile tops.  Why not take it up a notch and use marble or granite for the job?  It will look a little nicer and is more likely to be attractive and look like a high-end table.  This can add a certain amount of class to the project.

Fireplace Surrounds:  Any type of natural stone can work great for something like this.  If you prefer not to use tiling, a slab will work for the application as well.  Since both granite and marble tile are natural products, they are able to withstand the high temperatures that are created by fire.  For this one, I would personally suggest the granite over marble.

Backsplashes:  Since they only cover up small areas, you will find it not too expensive for most small backsplashes.  Because it is a natural product, if your home is in any earth tone color, you will be able to find something to match properly. 

Problems with Marble 

There are some problems with Marble, more so than granite tiles.  Despite the fact it is stone, it is relatively soft.  This makes is very prone to scratching and therefore, should not be used in high traffic areas for flooring.   In addition to this, it is primarily limestone.  As a result, it is prone to etching.  Acids will cause etching in marble stone tiles very quickly.  This means that if something like orange juice is not cleaned up quickly after a spill, your beautiful flooring will become much less attractive.  Keep this in mind as you consider both options.

Alternatives to Consider

As with any expensive product, there are cheap alternatives that you might want to consider when you are looking to do any kind of home remodeling or building projects.  The list below contains some alternatives you might want to consider, most of which are much cheaper than marble and granite tiles, but may or may not have the same level of quality.

Ceramic:  If you can use a marble or granite tile for a project, you can use a cheaper ceramic in its place.  You will find the pricing about 75% less, so it is a cost effective option to keep in mind.  There are not that many drawbacks to using ceramic instead of stone, but the main ones are durability and overall appearance.  Ceramic simply is not viewed as being nearly as high quality and elegant, which is reflected in the cost.

Vinyl:  If you are considering granite and marble flooring tiles, you will spend a lot less money on a high quality vinyl floor.  You will be able to find vinyl in peel and stick squares, glue down squares, and sheet form that can be glue down or loose lay.  Installation is also much easier, so if you are paying for professional install, it will continue to save a lot of money.

Wood:  For flooring, hardwood, either in strip form or parquet, is a good option to keep in mind.  Wood is not a viable alternative for countertops, unless proper care for sealing is taken.  This will not work for tub surrounds or fireplace surrounds.  It is not much cheaper than tile, but is generally cheaper than expensive marble slab.  It is just one of the many alternatives you might want to consider.

Basic Pricing

Granite Tile:  I have seen it for as little as $1.99 per square foot, but that is not the normal price you can expect to find.  You will generally pay more the $5 per square foot for this type of building material, so it is not super cheap by any means.  Do not be shocked by price tags of just under 10 dollars per square foot for the high quality stuff.  This is an expensive product.

Marble Tile:  Like granite, you might see if for as little as $1.99 per square foot, but that is the cheapest you are likely to see.  A more appropriate price to expect to pay is right around $6 per square foot, which of course, will vary greatly.  Do not assume that all is created equally.  Some will not be sealed and will be more ‘raw’ in appearance.  There is generally a reason one product is more expensive than the other.  Keep this in mind as you do some price shopping on marble and granite tile.