The everchanging list of validated Internet content sites

Backlinking is the accepted "Search Engine Optimization", (SEO), technique that enhances the relative importance of a web page with links from other web pages. Ideally, such links should be from web pages that are not hosted on the same site. In addition, the links should come from authoritative web sites. There is value to linking pages to each other on the same site. This is done by linking your own articles together. Both linking methods are highly advisable for maximum gains in Internet traffic.


Pagerank Alexa Notes ? ? Nofollow but easy and effective 7 207 Good revenue earning site. 9 links per external site. 7 3757 Short links 6 315 Nofollow links. Follow for links in author bio
       5 146 Not a good site for general backlinking 4 4327 Revenue site. Two links allowed per article. 4 4706  4 12564  4 16454 Popup ads 4 25912  3 2661 Nofollow links. Follow for links in author bio 3 13529 Short links 3 41007  3 44113 Short links 2 821651 Short links   13892 Revenue site. Short links, (200 characters).   391304  

Search engines today generally use a relative ranking system which assigns a numeric value to web sites. Better numbers represent better web sites. As an Infobarrel author, you should establish links from web sites that are as highly ranked as possible. This ensures that your links pass as much authority to your Infobarrel article as possible. Unfortunately, there are differing terms of service for the various web sites that you can use for backlinking purposes. You must  understand the relative merits of each site and balance their ranking against the ease that you have using the site. Unfortunately, not all sites are as easy to use as Infobarrel.

The best way to use backlinking as an SEO strategy for your Infobarrel articles is to find a process that works for you. There is no value using a highly ranked site only to find that they will not allow your articles to link as you wish, they prefer particular writing styles that are laborious or they impose restrictions that are difficult to follow. Done well, backlinking takes time. If your effort is deemed invalid by a site, then perhaps your choice of backlink sites should not include that site. Similarly, there is a value to you both for highly authoritative sites that demand a lengthy amount of your creative time as you establish linked pages just as there is value for short links. Both kinds of sites are listed here. Article sites operate much like Infobarrel. They impose a minimum length requirement, real or suggested, for your articles. They may insist on article images. Short link sites, on the other hand, allow you to post a link to your article and not much else.

Most of the sites in the list are termed "Dofollow". This is actually a reference that the type of Internet link is actually an omission of the term "Nofollow". A fairly recent development in the SEO world has been the advent of the "Nofollow" link qualifier. This provides a signal to search engines that such links are not to be followed. As a result, such links do not enhance the value of your Infobarrel article as much as "Dofollow" links. Most Infobarrel authors, therefore, devote much more of their time establishing links on "Dofollow" sites. Infobarrel is such a site as are many of the sites on this list. In fact, only Twitter is not. Twitter is included simply because of the importance of that site and the fact that an Infobarrel author can post a link so quickly there.

 This list is based on various Infobarrel forum topics which describe the importance of backlinking. There, many comments may be found which tout the relative merits of one site over another. If you are interested, you may check prior incarnations of this list from November, 2011 and earlier. The change in rankings, and in the sites comprising the lists, may be of interest to some Infobarrel authors.

A list of Internet sites such as this cannot possibly include all available backlink sites, nor even a very high percentage of them. New sites are created and destroyed all the time. Some never come back while others experience an resurgence. This list is merely a snapshot in time that is presented for the benefit of Infobarrel authors. Feel free to use any or all of the sites as you see fit.

The list is dynamic and maintained in a spreadsheet. Should any additions or deletions be warranted, the spreadsheet will be updated. Periodically, the list is used to generate another article showing the current state of the backlink site recommendations. The list is for the information and use of Infobarrel authors. There is no assurance that any of the listed sites will help drive traffic to your articles.

If you review the list, you may find a number of backlink sites that you will find easy to use. When you do, establish your own procedures for linking other articles to your Infobarrel content. No two Infobarrel authors will establish the same such procedure. Try out a few of the listed sites to see what you like. Generally, you should choose the higher ranked sites, but not always. Some of the others are easier to use.

Here is a sample procedure that may work to boost traffic to your Infobarrel articles:

  1. Submit an article to Infobarrel on a particular topic.
  2. Use Twitter to launch a quick "Tweet" about your article.
  3. Submit a short link to your article on Redgage.
  4. Submit a short link to your article on Mylinkvault.
  5. Submit a short link to your article on Folkd.
  6. Submit a longer article, with links to your article, on Squidoo.
  7. Submit additional short links or article references as you see fit.

The above procedure is very quick to employ and adheres to the SEO practices sanctioned by the major search engines. You may find that by following such a procedure, and modifying it to fit your own style, you will begin to see increased traffic to your Infobarrel content. You should also see increased revenue both from Infobarrel and from the backlink sites that you use.