Fun Things to Do

If you are looking for some fun things to do on Spring Break with your kids, and money is limited, then here are few ideas to get started with.

1. Maple Syrup Making - Depending on where you live, March break or spring break is timed with the sap running in the maple trees. For most weekends in March the local parks that have Maple syrup making operations will open their doors for maple sugaring festivities and if there is still snow, there are usually horse pulled sleighs to give everyone a tour of the maple bush.March BreakCredit:

These can make a fun and affordable day. You and the kids can watch the maple sap being boiled, and then find out how it ends up being that great Maple Sugar candy or syrup. There are usually samples to be had, and lots of syrup to purchase.

2. Get your kids to come up with some of their favorite activities and write them down on strips of paper. Make sure they are not to wild of an idea!. Things like, go to the park, or visit family, or the petting zoo for example. Then put the pieces of paper into a jar, and then each day pick one out of the jar. Then you do that activity for that day. It gives the day a surprise start.

3. Swimming - Many of the local pools will have special family deals on during the March Break or spring break week. Check your local pool and see if you can enjoy a afternoon of indoor swimming with the kids.

4. Zoo - Many of the larger zoos will have indoor areas, where it is warm and you can see exotic birds and reptiles for example. Some of the Zoos will have on programs for the March break week. This would make a great day activity. Many people forget about the zoo in the winter, but although there are outside animals that love the cold, there is just as much to see with the indoor buildings.

5. Skating - Check your local arena for skating programs.  They may have extended hours for certain age groups of family skates, that will be fun for everyone. Many of the public skating arenas will also have skate swaps, so that you can get affordable used skates or swap yours with someone else.

The above five are great activities to try out for March Break. Be a Tourist.  If you can get the time off work, then use this week to pretend you are a tourist in your own town. This is a great way to come away from routines and check out the local parks and other activities that are going on.

Check your local paper, they will usually post ads of fun activities for spring break. Although you don't want to overfill your week with too many things, as kids still need time to play and relax, it is nice to be proactive and check out the local paper for ideas.

Make play dates with other moms. Maybe have their kids over to play with your kids for a day, and then switch. This gives each mom a break!

Also don't forget to check out the library. They have fun things going on to, and also you can check out movies to take home for much less than the movie rental store. While at the library let the kids pick out books to take home. Just doing something different, can make a week fun. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money.

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