Activities for the March Break Vacation

Free and Very Cheap Activities to Stay Busy

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The March Break vacation happens just once a year. It is special because it allows that sigh of relief that winter is almost over and the first day of spring is just around the corner. This week-long holiday is great because there is no expectation of gifts, meals, etc. like there is at other school holiday times like Christmas and Easter, for example. Nonetheless, you want to be busy and keep your kids happy and entertained.

My first 'go-to' activity is the local ski hill. This is usually the last week to get in some great skiing before the season ends. If you have already purchased memberships at Christmastime for your kids, then send them out with a bagged lunch to enjoy the fresh air every day. This will only cost as much as you spend for lunches and they will be busy all day. Awesome!  If you don't have a membership, keep your eyes open for a 'free ski day'. Rentals are available for a fee but perhaps you have friends, relatives or neighbors who are willing to lend you some equipment for the day.

Another great winter activity is snowshoeing. These can often be rented for the day for as little as $2 from your local YMCA or other fitness facility. Find a great trail or frozen lake and begin a new adventure. No skills required.

Visit your local arena and go ice skating with your kids. Usually local businesses will sponsor a 'free day' for public skating. If you already have skates, this will only cost as much as a hot chocolate from the canteen. If not, ask about skate rentals. Some arenas also will let you borrow skates for free. Once you have the skates, you could also grab some hockey sticks and head out to an outdoor arena for a game which are usually available to the public for free. 

If you prefer indoor activities, visit your local swimming pool. They, too, will often have a couple of 'free' days sponsored by local businesses. You and your kids can splash around at public swimming and enjoy the hot tub too!

Staying in the house? No problem. There are lots of things to do inside that cost little to no money at all. Kick off a Craft-a-thon by diving into that craft supply cupboard and use up whatever fun stuff is hanging around in there. Get inspired by googling crafty ideas online and let the kids loose to create anything their imagination can conjure up. Display these fun art projects around the house.

Next on the list is a Bake-a-thon. You may need to buy some basic baking supplies for this but if you keep it simple - like chocolate chip cookies - everyone's happy! Get all the kids involved, older ones and the youngest too. Make a double or triple batch and have fun rolling, decorating, and eating them!

For those dull days, host a Movie Day in your home. Set up a cozy nest on the couch with a blanket for everyone and take turns choosing movies to watch. Snack on homemade popcorn (pop on the stove with oil and salt) this is very cheap and you will get a lot of popcorn from one bag of kernels. It tastes better too! And to drink, try a new juice flavour or sparkling water for a treat.

Nighttime is a great time for a Game-a-thon. Since your kids are on vacation, it won't hurt for them to stay up a little while longer to enjoy this family time. I would recommend any of the games from my list of the Top 10 Board Games for Kids. If you don't have these games, card games like Crazy Eights, Old Maid or Go Fish are always fun. You can buy a pack of cards at your local dollar store just $1!

 Whatever you choose to do over the March Break, or any time you're in the mood for a 'staycation', know that fun can be had for next to nothing if you look in the right places and are creative. Your kids should be able to help to out with that one! Most importantly, stay busy and have fun together.