March Break in Toronto

With spring break or March Break just around the corner, you are probably turning your thoughts to what you are going to do with the kids this year?

Maybe last year, you were able to take time off, but this year there is no way you can take time off, and your regular daycare provider does not want to do full days for your school aged children. So, what do you do? What fun things come to mind at spring break, when you have to still work?

Day Camps - These are usually offered by the city or your parks commissions. Check with your local township offices and/or the library to see what special day camps might be available to keep your kids busy and to have a good time in and around your home town.

If you live in Toronto, then here is a short list of a few places that are offering cool activities to do while on this break for your school aged children for full and part days.

ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) ( - They are offering 1/2 day and full day programs filled with all kinds of fun activities to do for ages 5 to 14 years of age. Everything from exploring the museum to crafts and games and full days of organized fun. They are even offering extended hours for those that have to work later.Fun Things to Do At March BreakCredit:

This is a wonderful place to take your kids for fun.

University of Toronto - Physical training week! ( - The U of T is offering a physical program for those kids aged 4 - 15 years of age, who enjoy sports and being physically active. They offer hockey, track and field, golf and more. They will be tired at the end of the day when you pick them up. This is a great program for spring break.

Sew Be It Girl ( - If you have creative crafty kids who love fashion and to make their own accessories and things for themselves, then you are going to love this day camp activity. There are two camps available, one for ages 8 - 12 years and the other for ages 13 - 16. It is a full week of creativity.

Cool Things to Do - So, if you can't get the time off work, and you live in Toronto, Ontario, then the above are just a sampling of the available Day camps that are available this year.

This is a great way for your kids to get out a rut at this time of year, and away from the TV or video games. You can usually find a activity camp that should match your kids interests, even the teenagers!.

So, why not enroll them this year is these day camps, and this way they will have fun days to look forward to, and have lots to tell you about at the end of the day when you get home.

Sure it would be nice if you could be off too, but this is not always possible, so make arrangements now for their week off, and lift their spirits with something really cool to do.

If you are not sure what other camps are available, get in touch with Toronto parks and services and they will let you know the ever growing list of March Break Day Camps in Toronto Ontario. If you can't get in touch with them, then go to your local library, they should offer a list of local March Break Day Camps, and let your kids have fun while you work this year.

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