March Madness. The wonderful time of year when March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. The wind blows and the snow still falls where I live. March can be harsh. And then comes a beautiful day like to day. The air is calm. The sky is bright. You go on a hike at 6,000 feet breathing in the purity. Your eyes rove the stark desert beauty. You feel blessed. You feel awed. It's so beautiful you tell yourself. Indeed, it's so beautiful.

You wonder about the March Hare and the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. What made them so crazed. Was it the blooms, brilliant in blue red and yellow? What it the myriad of scents coating the breeze? The winter sky is steel grey compared to the azure above me now. People say that Hatters went mad in Victorian England because of the chemicals they worked with. The Hare is more of a mystery. Why do hares go wild in the spring? Jumping and dancing, carrying on before dawn, they sure are a wild bunch.

This morning as I drove to work I saw three large deer munching on my neighbor's lawn. They twitched their large ears and gazed passively at me as I drove by. I don't mind the deer if they aren't eating my vegetables or flowers. Its the bears I could do without. Even a smallish bear can rip your cabinets off the hinges in search of food in your pantry. They can demolish car upholstery in minutes. A bear used to visit my neighbors' dumpster on schedule, regularly tipping it over to rummage the garbage inside. It's not good for bears to eat trash food. They lose their ability to function in the wild, plus they get fat like us, get medical problems.

In celebration of March a new movie of Alice in Wonderland is out. This one in three-D hasn't gotten very good reviews. None the less people will go view it. We want escape, just like our forefathers who weathered the first great depression. Fantasy films, alternative worlds and superheroes are popular. It would be so comforting to think someone is coming to "save" us. The Christians think Jesus is coming. They intend to be raptured up and not have to deal with any of these problems or realities. If you had been good this would be true. Unfortunately the Christians along with every other group on earth helped to make this over populated situation.

The powers that excelled at the detriment of others created a culture where being nice meant you were a chump. The people paid the most, actors and singers, sports players don't do nearly as much good for the world as research scientists, teachers, pastors. The communists who meant to help the common people and even out the resource base eagerly snapped up goodies for themselves as soon as they were in a position to act as badly as the people they replaced. Religious leaders distance themselves from the very people they once sought to comfort and guide. Well, who can blame them, we have to comfort them with so little to actually offer. Women are raped, wars continue, and every country in the world has children who are neglected.

What else is there to do, but drive to the country and get out to walk. Hike a mile above sea level. See the sky for the clarity it is, hope you run into some animals, no people. Come back with a sense of what is beautiful, what is worth, what is value.