One of the best times to visit Sin City is during the NCAA March Madness Tournaments. The NCAA tournaments give you a lot of action at the local sports books. You do not even have to place a bet to enjoy the action because there is so much going on. Here are some tips for you and your friends to have an awesome March Madness Las Vegas Party.

Leave the Friends Home?

During the NCAA basketball tournament it always seems likes your friends are working. If you make plans to go to Vegas and have a March Madness Las Vegas Party and your friends cannot make it then leave them alone and go on your own. It is always nice to have at least one buddy go with you on the March Madness Las Vegas Party trip but if you get stuck going alone that is OK too. You can meet a lot of people and may even get to hook up with a girl at the Prince Harry Las Vegas Party.


You do not need to place a bet on the basketball games to have fun in Las Vegas. You should however at least fill out your brackets. It is always fun to fill out the brackets. If you are in Vegas though go ahead and place some small dollar bets on some of the games. Games are always much more interesting even if you only have $4.00 to win if your team comes out victorious.

Cheap Buffets vs. Expensive Gourmet Vegas Buffets

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Most of you gambling will come when you attempt to eat at a cheap buffet and get brown cannon shooting shots into your undies. Actually, the cheap buffets in Vegas are not that bad at all. Occasionally you will run into a problem but usually not. Although I highly encourage you to eat at the cheap buffest while in Vegas you need to ensure you also spend some money and go to a couple of the more extravagant buffets. Spending $30-$50 for a buffet may seem expensive but the food is amazing.  

Lets assume a fancy dinner buffet such as the Sam’s Town Friday Night Seafood buffet will cost you $30.00. If you do not eat breakfast or lunch and then pig-out at the seafood buffet you are pretty much getting 3 meals at once so the $30.00 buffet breaks down into a more reasonable $10.00 per meal. If you sneak food out then you can also get some breakfast for the next morning.

March Madness LV Party

There are numerous places that will hold a March Madness vegas Party. You can enjoy a Madness LV Party or you can plan one of your own. It is a lot less stressful if you attend someone else but if you have some buddies going down with you to Vegas then it can be very awesome to throw your own Madness LV Party in a luxury suite of a Hotel Casino. Of course you guys are going to be spending most of your time in the cheap room you rented at the Hooters Casino but it’s all good when you are drinking and eating nachos at a Madness vegas Party 2013!