The History of Women’s History Month

The month of March is all about the ladies! Those that have contributed to society with invaluable and lasting affects are honored during this month. The month of recognition is born out of a 1979 event put together by the school district of Sonoma, California. During this weeklong event, celebrations were held to honor those females who had contributed to culture, history, and society as a whole. Those that heard about this event like the concept and it quickly spread across the country. By 1981, Congress made it official and passed a resolution making the event Women’s History Week. By 1987, Women’s History Week became Women’s History Month.

Who Honors Our Great Women?

The Library of Congress

National Archives and Records Administration

National Endowment for the Humanities

National Gallery of Art

National Park Service

Smithsonian Institution

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

What is the Theme for 2011?

Every year a different theme is promoted surrounding the event. The first theme was decided in 1981, and the theme was We Are Here to Move History Forward. This year the theme is Our History is Our Strength. Usually certain ladies who have accomplished major lifetime achievements and contributions are honored during this month. The National Women’s History Project would like for individual institutions and organizations in their respective states to honor the women native to their location for their accomplishments, instead of the usually National Honorees. The women chosen should have faced difficult adversities and obstacles on their path to success. These ladies can be an example for inspiration to us all.

  What are Some of the Past Themes?

1982 - Celebrating Women’s History

1986 - Women Builders of Communities and Dreams

1988 - Reclaiming the Past, Rewriting the Future

1994 - In Every Generation, Action Frees Our Dreams

1997 - A Fine and Long Tradition of Community Leadership

2000 - An Extraordinary Century for Women 1900-2000

2009 - Women Taking the Lead to Save Our Planet

What is the National Women’s History Project?

“Each time a girl opens a book and reads a womanless history, she learns she is worth less.
– Myra Pollack Sadker "  The National Women's History Project honors those individuals that have impacted the world in a positive light with their strength and perseverance. By highlighting the accomplishments of females  in the field of science, art, literature, aviation, sports, medicine, politics, and community, they empower the women of the future to aim high and inspire them to accomplish more than they ever dreamed possible. Furthermore, they also organize celebrations, themes, and events that highlights prominent individuals.  History Project is an organization that is dedicated to putting females back into history and noting their accomplishments. Their mission is making sure that women leaders around the world know the history of females from the past in order to inspire stronger leaders of women for the future. They produce and provide educational material, and they select national honorees.  They are the catalyst in providing growth of our historical enlightenment of strong women in history who have contributed in such a way that it has changed our world.

The National Women’s History Project honors those that provides leadership for now and  in the future. These leaders can inspire future generations to reach new heights.  This history project honors individual that have shaped the lives of humanity and made contributions that have changed the world. Their organization is the go to place for all information regarding the accomplishments of women.


Make sure that you join us in celebrating Women’s History Month.