The Good and the Bad

I recently purchased two Marcy products, a weight bench and a home gym. Marcy is a low price alternative for workout equipment that many are skeptical about because of its price. This is very understandable because as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Sometimes, however, paying less doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting less. Most of the time when you are pricing workout equipment, the price comes from the name of the brand which means the more popular name is going to be more expensive. More expensive doesn’t mean you can do more with it or get a better workout however. I will say, the more expensive equipment will always be smoother, but is a $1,000 difference worth something being smoother? To some it is, but not for me. Marcy might be a little rougher compared to the other comparable systems but you can still do the same amount and types of workouts in most cases.

Assembling the Marcy Home Gym system was not that hard, I was able to look at the diagrams and piece everything together pretty easily by myself in about two and a half hours. All the different pieces and nuts and bolts were labeled and packaged effectively. The hardest part was installing the pulleys correctly and setting the right amount of starting tension. The instructions were slightly harder to understand in respect to the pulleys, but not overly difficult. Probably the worst thing about the system was the fact that the weights were not labeled, so you couldn’t tell how much weight you were lifting without looking in the book for a grid that breaks it down. This was a very strange thing to do in my opinion, because I like to be able to easily keep up with my progression, and this made that more difficult. It is easy enough to add stickers to them though, so this is a quick fix.

The weight bench is great, it has the leg bar and came with the bench bar as well. The biggest negative with the bench is the fact that the bar only goes up to 250 pounds, though that is more than enough for most people. The setup for this was only about an hour and a half and was also fairly easy due to the labeling and packaging. This is not a 15 lb. bar, not a 45 lb. so you have to buy the weights with the small hole instead of the large.

Overall, these two items get a 4 out of 5 from me simply because of the price, ease of installation, and quality of the equipment. Definitely worth buying if you plan on starting a workout regime and have a tight budget.