Maria Sharapova Pics
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Skill and sexy all in one package

Maria Sharapova is a Russian tennis player who is world renown for both her beauty and incredible tennis skill. She has won countless titles and championships, and has captured the hearts of many people for her ability to play well and come out of tough situations. She has personally captured my heart with her skill and how unbelievably hot she is. She is the reason why I watch tennis because if Maria Sharapova isn't playing I'm not watching.

Her skill

According to the Women's Tennis Association she is ranked number two in the world and her skill definitely matches that number. Her wins in many grand slams and singles have been numerous and proven her ability to handle pressure. She has made some incredible plays throughout her career and has made some serious upsets which propelled her forward into the spotlight. Her serves, bacMaria Sharapova picturesCredit: Wikimedia Commonskhand, and forehand technique is excellent and her coach continually keeps her on her toes during practice to make sure these skills stay at peak level. Her athletic ability is top notch, making many amazing plays due to her speed and agility.

Even though Maria Sharapova is a great tennis player, her recent highly watched defeat against Serena Williams in the 2012 London Olympics proved somewhat embarrassing. She barely got any points and was extremely outclassed by Serena's technique and speed. If it wasn't for the fact that Maria is so gorgeous I probably would have stopped watching due to how one sided the match is. But because I think she is graceful and lovely to watch I stuck to the TV anyway to finish the match out. Maria Sharapova continues to train hard, noting on her Facebook profile all the training videos and rigorous practice routines she goes through each day to stay in peak condition.

Her beauty

The real reason why I care about tennis at all is because of the sheer beauty of Maria Sharapova. Simply put, she's hot and pictures of her lovely curves float the internet daily. She has posed in numerous magazines in bikinis and in revealing clothing. Her attirMaria Sharapova BikiniCredit: Wikimedia Commonse while playing tennis is enough to keep any man near her age glued to the set, I know I was. The best part is Maria is 4 months younger than me which is like icing on the cake! It just amazes me how such a beautiful, hot, talented woman graces the courts all year long and wins her matches all the time. Skill, sexy, and talent all encompassed into one deadly hot package makes Maria Sharapova a hit among men all over the world. She is well aware of her appealing curves and how popular she is in the looks department which is why she plays upon her perfect genes to please us with many pictures in magazines and eye catching tennis outfits as she runs around the court. Simply put, Maria Sharapova has captured my heart and is the reason I watch tennis today.

Her wealth

Due to both her tennis skill and her drop dead gorgeous looks, Maria Sharapova has brought home a great amount of money throughout her career as both a tennis player and a model. At the time of this writing she is only 25 years old and yet in just her tennis career alone she has brought in well over $25 million in prize money. How much she has made from her commercials, endorsements, and modeling I have no idea but I'm sure those are even higher due to the way our culture pays well for beautiful popular celebrities to endorse their products. Since she is only 25 her career still has a long and prosperous road ahead and I predict that she will continue to win titles and continue to capture the hearts of men all over the globe. Her skill inspires tennis playersall over the world and her beauty inspires me. I am looking forward to continuing to follow her career and see where her abilities take her next. Following her Facebook page has given me various insights into her practice and workout routine and the vigorous stuff she goes through will continue to keep her skills top notch and her curves as deadly as ever.