Marie Osmond dolls are one of the most popular collectibles available on the market for doll enthusiasts besides the Queen Elizabeth and Matilda collection. They are carefully handcrafted with special attention, resulting in their life-like outlook and their outstanding quality. High quality materials are used in making process.

History of Marie Osmond Dolls

For those of you who might not know, Marie Osmond is an actress, singer and for the past 20 years, she started designing collectible baby dolls. Being a doll collector herself, she started this company based on the passion she had for them. She designs and distributes them online through QVC and also in many retail stores. Her first design was "Olive May", which she created and named after her mother and this became a very popular collectible item on QVC after its launch. The collection has expanded quite significantly from then onwards.

Marie Osmond the Gift of Love (32638)

Types of Marie Osmond Dolls

There a wide range of Marie Osmond dolls for sale in the market. Some of the popular ones include the:

- Be Mine Keepsake

- Bride and Groom Keepsake

- The Gift of Love

- Adora Belle Freida Fright

- Summer Romance

- Birthday Blossoms Brunette Tiny Tot

- Cookies and Milk Tiny Tot

- Hershey Hugs Tiny Tot

There are many others not included in the list above. There is also the new baby Donny range, which consists of males. Pair up the two and you've got yourself a perfect match!

All of them make great gifts for birthdays and for Christmas. If you are buying for younger children under 6, you might want to stay clear of the expensive porcelain range because they might break from the rough handling of young kids. Many people also buy them to add to their precious collection. Avid collectors usually have more than one range of collection, from ooak miniatures to full sized ones. The high quality of Marie Osmond dolls makes them a perfect collectible item to be displayed in their homes.

Where can I get Marie Osmond Dolls?

You have many options when you look to buy Marie Osmond dolls. A simple internet search will yield the results that you want and allow you to compare prices.

Toy Stores: You can find Marie Osmond dolls for sale in major toy stores such as Toys R Us and Target. These stores often run out of stock when Christmas is approaching. You may also find that they do not have all the models available in their store. A good way to avoid this problem is to buy them early and not at the last minute before Christmas.

Amazon: If you want to buy Marie Osmond dolls to add to your collection or as a present, you could also buy them on the Amazon. They sell many of the models available and possibly at a cheaper price compared to toy stores in your area. The prices range from $25 to $160 depending on the type that you want. These Marie Osmond dolls are also very popular on Amazon, so you may find that you have to wait for a restock before getting a chance to lay your hands on them.

eBay: You can also do a search on and eBay to find second hand Marie Osmond dolls. When buying them second hand, ask the seller about the age, origin and condition of the doll and also try to get a receipt of their purchase. Be sure to buy from a reputable seller, so you won't face problems in the future. Also, it is important that they package them properly due to its material.

So, instead of running out to your nearest store only to find that they are out of stock, do check the prices on the internet first. It would also be wise to call up the stores first to check if they have stock for the model that you want. It is not hard to find Marie Osmond dolls for sale if you survey the prices early to get the best deal available. Using these strategies, your search time would be reduced. Who knows, this gift to your daughter could spark an interest in doll collection.

What is the Value of my Marie Osmond Dolls?

As a collector, you would surely want to know the value of your prized collection. There are a few ways of estimating the value of your Marie Osmond dolls. Books or magazines specializing in this would help you identify your doll as you would need to describe it to obtain a more accurate value. Factors such as the age and rarity would affect the value of the doll. You could search for reputable dealers who are well informed about the current values. With the internet, you could find interested buyers and sellers. To get a rough idea about the value of your Marie Osmond dolls, have a look at what they are offering for the exact same type of doll as yours.