Many people believe that smoking weed is a bit more harmless than using other drugs. There are a couple of reasons for this belief, but for the most part, this minimizing tactic is wrong and it does get some people into trouble. Marijuana addiction is a real problem and there is no doubt that it has seriously affected some people.

The first reason that addicts tend to minimize marijuana addiction is because they argue that there are no withdrawal symptoms when you stop smoking weed suddenly. With most other drugs, if you stop taking them suddenly you can get very sick or even die in some cases. So this lack of physical withdrawal becomes a basis for minimizing the drug.

Another reason that people minimize this drug is because there is no possibility of overdose. With almost any other drug out there, you can take too much of the drug and overdose on it, usually leading to death at some point. This does not happen with marijuana and so people tend to think of it as being a "soft" drug.

In order to really see what is going on with people who smoke weed every day you have to consider why they are actually doing it. Those who are addicted to the substance will tell you that they smoke weed to relax, or because it is fun, or because they like to get high. None of these are actually true, but the addict probably believes that those reasons are true because when they first started getting high, all of those things were probably true for that person. But as their addiction progressed, the addict comes to rely on the drug more and more in order to medicate their feelings and emotions every day. The addict needs the drug just to deal with life and cope with everyday stress. You might even get a glimpse of this logic if they say something like "If you had my problems you would get high every day too." This is just a rationalization and a justification for using the drug every day. Everyone has problems, but the addict has become dependent on the drug in order to make it through an ordinary day.

If you or someone you know is addicted to marijuana then you should take it seriously. Don't just minimize the drug use and shrug it off as being a soft drug that does not require any sort of action. If there is a cycle of addiction and a dependence on every day use then the person could benefit greatly from breaking the addiction and finding a new way to live. We are not really growing emotionally and maturing as a person when we self medicate like this every day. Quitting marijuana is an opportunity for growth.