People feel a strong connection with Marimekko Bedding designs because each pattern has its own unique story of origin. They are inspired by artists who saw a vision and decided to make it come alive in your home. 

Company/History: Viljo and Armi Ratia found and named Marimekko Bedding in 1951. “Mari” is an anagram for the founder’s first name and “mekko” means dress in Finnish. Armi asked some of her fellow artists if they could apply some of their work to textiles and the rest was history. Her simple yet complicated vision was to combine both art and fashion. The line became most famous in the United States in the 60’s when Jacqueline Kennedy wore eight different Marimekko during the presidential campaign. She was an American fashion icon that every woman looked up to and wished they could be. By 1965, Marimekko Bedding expanded to every aspect of home décor, including bedding. The company struggled to find a vision after the death or Armi in 1979, but Kirsti Paakenen made the company as good as new when she took over in 1991. And when Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City was seen in a Merimekko bikini and dress, the company took off and flew. Kristi has done a successful job at saving this brand and helping it maintain its integrity. The brand will continue to grow and excel thanks to their artists and designers with amazing capabilities.

Where to Buy Marimekko Bedding : The company offers a website that offers customers the entire bedding line. Crate and Barrel is a primary carrier of this brand and they have had a strong relationship with Marimekko Bedding since the mid 1960s. The cofounders of C&B aimed to offer Americans well thought of designs for quality prices. Since the beginning of the relationship, both businesses have enjoyed and benefited off each other’s success. In stores, Crate and Barrel has used the designs and patterns on the back drops of their stores in order to create a creative and colorful ambiance. And in 2010, Crate and Barrel opened a Marimekko Bedding shop-in-shop in SoHo, New York. They share a passion for providing timeless, yet bold pattern designs for consumers.

Marimekko Bedding Prices: A comforter or duvet alone will cost you around what other brands typically charge for a set (between $150.00 and $200.00). However, it is affordable when you consider the amount of expertise required by artists in order to make their life experiences transform into home designs. And these patterns and style are virtually timeless, with styles from the 60’s still being popular today. Therefore, you will be able to keep this bedding for a long amount of time. It’s also bold enough to maintain your attention. When you consider the longevity and timelessness of Marimekko Bedding, it’s a pretty good deal. People can also save money by buying just the comforter or duvet and pair it with a solid color paid of sheets.

Marimekko Bedding Styles: The most famous and recognizable pattern from this line is the poppy print pattern, which look like over-sized, splashy and colorful poppies. The overall style of this bedding line is a hodgepodge of different colors and shape. Each set was designed by an artist and has its own distinctive patterns or look. Another recognizable pattern from this collection is the Kaivo, which will add some geometrical and symmetrical shapes to your bedroom. It is a black and white pattern which was influenced when artist Maija Isola was getting some water from a well. As she lowered her bucket into the water, she noticed the different surfaces of water and how they appeared. A pattern called Lumimarja, translates to snowberries, and is beautiful for bedding. It was designed by Eija Hirvi in 2004 when he was inspired by the wilderness throughout Finland. It pays homage to the Marimekko Bedding nature designs and appears to be a bunch of branches with white and pink circles that represent leaves. The colors are white and pink and they really stand out against the dark brown back ground. Each bedding piece is a piece of art and can really satisfy people looking for recognizable, yet shocking patterns. Another fun option for you to add in your bedroom is a Merimekko bean bag, which you can match with your bed.

Comfort: Marimekko Bedding prides itself with offering comforters that will make you sleep in. For example, the Unikko dusk comforter is made with 300-thread count 100% cotton sateen that feels silky and smooth on your skin. The high thread count is ultimately fabulous. You’ll feel like you’re staying at a 5 star hip hotel when you wake up in the plush bedding with contemporary designs.

Drawbacks of Marimekko Bedding: There are a limited amount of options for buyers because they are designer. On the Merimekko website there are currently only two different comforter style options and ten different styles of duvets. This is simply not enough for the consumer who values options. However, you have to expect fewer options when it comes to designer materials. The high quality comes at a high price for designers who can only come up with so many classics at a time.

Quality: Every Marimekko bedding set is Oeko-tex certified, which ensures quality and safety. The oeko-tex provides the hospitality industry with globally uniformed standards regarding the use of chemical or harmful substances used in production or manufacturing. This is an exceptionally good certification for buyers looking to minimize their affects on the environment because manufacturers use earth-friendly chemicals and substances.

Overall Rating: This style of Marimekko Bedding looks modern and hip, but definitely requires a certain taste. But, there are designs that have different colors to meet different aesthetic needs. Each bedding pattern was inspired and designed by an artist and is made of the highest quality of materials. A comforter with a tree design or intense geometrical shapes may not be for everyone, but can definitely make your room stand out. It can be admired by everyone as pieces of art splashed onto your bed. If you can afford it and don’t mind going bold, go for it.