One building has changed the Singaporean skyline forever, The newly opened Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Casino and Convention Center. Whether flying into Singapore, or coming by boat, bus or train you can’t miss this architectural masterpiece. The French would call it “Grande” because everything in this magnificent hotel is large, big or humongous.


Three enormous hotel towers rise up from the Marina Bay, placed on top of these three mega pillars another horizontal structure cover in the form of a ship resting on the hotel lays the Sky Garden.


The Marina Bay Sands Hotel welcomes its guest with open arms through a glass façade which allows the bright light to lit up the beautiful and spacious hotel atrium. The architecture with the open spaces is truly marvelous. Staff is every where, and extremely helpful to take bags or give directions. Bookings are swiftly made, with options to sea view or city view, which ever you choose the views are magnificent.



The Sands Hotel Rooms

The hotel rooms at The Sands are robust, warm and luxurious. The large quality bed offers a world of comfort and so does the large flat screen television set. The rooms are complete with their oak, marble and leather furnishings, ironing board, hair dryer, large desk, art and window relax area, and everything is build with quality in mind.  The bathroom offers the same quality, large bath tub, separate shower cabin and romantic lighting systems. The guest can feel at home in one of the 2560 rooms The Sands has to offer, and regardless from where the visitors views the surroundings the views are stunning. 



Restaurants and Bars At The Sands

The Sands aims for quality and this is also found in their restaurants, from The sweet Spot bakery and cake shop with some of the best coffees, The Nest Hong Kong noodle restaurant, to the Tong Dim with its large variety of Chinese kitchens, and The Rise all buffet restaurant, where a gastronomic adventure waits for the culinary guests. The Fuse offers a lounge where guests can meet and mingle or just relax after a hard day at work.



Lifts and Elevators Of The Marina Bay Sands

The Lifts and Elevators swoop guests from ground floor to some of the top levels of the buildings in lightening speed. The Sands claims to have the fastest elevators on the island.



Marina Bay Sands Casino

For lovers of The Game, The Marina Bay Sands casino offers 15.000 square meters of floor space full of fun and entertainment. The Singapore casino attracts thousands of foreign guests daily to the playing rooms of the casino.



Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center

The expo and convention center can in its flexible floor space host 45.000 delegate or 2.000 exhibition booths. The complexity of this convention center is immense and it is able to delegates from the world over.



Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall

The Shoppes at marina Bay Sands will offer 800.000 square feet of shopping and dining facilities. The mall will opened in the third quarter of 2010 and is one of the most buzzing hot spots of Singapore. A true shopping experience.


The Marina Sands Hotel in Singapore is a leading business, leisure and entertainment destination, surrounded by a casino, theater, shopping mall, convention center, museum and much more. The Sands guarantees a fun outing for the family and always has great hotel deals on offer.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore - Excellent Travel Hotel
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