Serving your family their favorite dish feels good, but to see your kids devouring even the last morsel even feels better. That is because you have learned great techniques of marinating the correct way which makes fish and meat even tastier.

Filling chicken, meat and fish with the right blend of flavours creates a great taste along with the right techniques of marinating for hours before cooking, grilling or barbecuing which most experts would agree. Marinating is what moms would usually do to make their favourite dish even tastier and yummier.

Here are marinating tips to make a lip-smacking barbecues, fries or grills:

  • Marinating time: depending on the size and type of food you want to marinate, bringing
    out the distinct flavor of the fish chicken or meat primarily depends on the marinating

                        Fish and seafood ------------------------------15 minutes to 1 hour

                        Bird meat such as chicken and turkey------ 30 minutes to 3 hours

                        All kinds of red meat-------------------------- overnight inside the refrigerator


  • Rub the marinade evenly: enhancing the taste of your recipe, always keep in mind to rub marinade evenly all over the fish, chicken, meat, and veggies. Be sure to cover it with all ingredients, herbs and spices. Thoroughly spread the flavours by removing the fat and skin layers to facilitate a perfect penetration which enhances the taste of your recipe.


  • Never use metal containers: using metal containers for marinating causes a chemical reactions between the acidic ingredients and the metal itself which adds an unpleasant taste to the marinated foods. Never use it especially for red meats that usually need 12 to 14 hours of marinating to avoid potential food poisoning risk. It is ideal to use glass, plastic or ceramic when marinating food.


  • Never use 'raw' marinade again: the idea is, that used marinade is in direct contact with raw meats which harbors harmful bacteria that is potentially risky for food poisoning of your family and friends. If you ever use used marinade for gravies or spice up soups, be sure to boil it first to kill the bacteria.


  • Avoid thick marinade: preparing excessively thick marinades will not share their flavour with the fish or meat. It does not penetrate very well in your recipe thus it only affects the 'outside' flavor of the main dish.


    When preparing all the ingredients, be sure that your work area is clean. Marinating is a fun way to add additional flavour to your recipes. Make them even tastier and yummier for your family and friends.