The United States Marine Corps has a long and proud tradition that provides much material for Marine challenge coins. Historically the Marines have had to share bases, equipment and resources with other military branches, but when it comes to great challenge coins-Marines stand alone! With arguably the greatest military emblem of all the service branches and great mottoes and mascots, the choices for Marine challenge coins are incredibly varied. Any Marine buff can find an area of Marine life that they find most appealing and will have no problem finding a challenge coin to meet their collecting needs.

Marine challenge coins - emblems and seals

For well over a hundred years, the eagle, globe and anchor emblem has represented the Marines. This iconic image appears on hundreds of Marine challenge coin designs. The same emblem also makes up part of the official Marine Corp seal. It is easily one of the most recognizable military symbols in the world and an enduring link between the past, present and future of Marine life.

Marine challenge coins - mottos, songs, mascots and nicknames

Marine Challenge CoinThe Marines boast some of the most iconic cultural identity around. Movies, songs, and great design have allowed the Marines to boast instant recognition on shores around the world. The classic Semper Fidelis motto is a popular theme on many Marine challenge coins and these Semper Fi tokens are an interesting niche to collect. The Marine's Hymn is not only the oldest official armed forces song, but easily the most famous. Snippets of lyrics are used on many popular challenge coins and it has widespread appeal with the song becoming part of the national culture. The bulldog mascot and Devil Dog nickname have unofficially become a big part of the Marine story. The Leathernecks nickname has been featured in song, movie, and print and now also appears on numerous USMC challenge coins.

Marine challenge coins - military bases and installations

The Marines do not operate nearly as many bases outright as the other branches and usually rely on detachments that are housed in bases of the other armed force branches. Many of these bases are featured on navy challenge coins. The official Marine bases are commemorated on several USMC challenge coins and make for an interesting collection. Places like Camp Pendleton, Quantico and Parris Island make popular coins.

Marine challenge coins - famous battles

Like the other branches, the Marines have no shortage of heroes and legends. Men like John Basilone, Lou Diamond, Ira Hayes and others can be a part of any collection. The famous battles like Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal have been featured on numerous custom challenge coins as well.

The Marines have a rich history that deserves celebrating and remembering. The permanent link that Marine challenge coins provide can ensure that none of these Marines fought in vain. Navy challenge coins, air force challenge coins, marine or army challenge coins can be an inexpensive things to collect with newer military challenge coins widely available and costing only a few dollars. They display nicely and make a great item for any former or future Marine to collect.