Marine Corp Boot camp is strict. You have 3 months of intense training. No just physically but also mentally. For anyone that has been through Marine Corp boot camp you know what I am talking about. If you knew in advance everything you would of gone through you would have never signed the dotted line. You would of assumed failure is imminent. You made it through Marine Corp boot camp you can do almost anything with confidence. Lets take the USMC boot camp methods and apply a few boot camp training methods to your writing. If you can do it for 3 months you will be well on your way to making some great cash with websites such as InfoBarrel.

Reveille Writing

EacUSMC Drill Instructorh day of boot camp will be slightly different just like in the real world. Some stuff does not change. Early each morning before the sun rises the drill instructors come barging in yelling and throwing trash cans. You start your day early. In the real world you have many different demands. They may include kids, jobs, a spouse, mechanical failures on your car, bills that need paid etc. If you start your day by getting up one hour earlier each day this will give you an extra hour of writing time. "I need my sleep" you may be saying. Yes but how many sleep deprived nights did you have during boot camp? Simply get up one hour before everybody else in your family and write your butt off.

Which is easier. Scrubbing a floor with a towel running up and down the barracks floor as fast as you can while you calf's burn or sitting on your butt writing a short article? Be disciplined and get up one hour early and write. Don't research, don't ponder what you want to write, Just write.

Free Time

When in boot camp you will spend a lot of time waiting in lines. You have lines to pick up gear, lines for the doctors and dentists, lines for shots. You spend a lot of time waiting in line. When waiting in lines for hours the recruits DO NOT chatter with each other. You are reading and memorizing many items you need to learn for the Marines. You may be memorizing the Rifleman's Creed or the Marine Hymn. You have hundreds of things to learn and memorize while at boot camp. Drill Instructors make the best of Idle time by forcing the recruits to work on other stuff while waiting.

Take this principle and apply it to your life for three months. Carry your laptop with you at all times. If you get a break at work start writing an article instead of chatting with your co workers about what was on TV last night. When you are sitting IDLE in a waiting room waiting on the Doctor then pull out a pen and notebook and start scribbling out your new article. Take any free or idle time you have make it worthwhile by writing articles. 15 minutes here and 15 minutes there add up to a lot of extra writing time over a period of 3 months.

Chow Time

You get in and get your food. You sit down and eat. You DO NOT speak to anyone. You do not look around. You eat as fast as you can and get out of the chow hall. Apply this principal to your writing life for three months. Instead of spending an hour eating at a cafe with coworkers and chatting take a lunch to work. Rapidly eat your lunch and then apply the other 50 minutes of your lunch break to writing articles.

Team Work

Marine recruits learn that no matter how awesome they think they are they can not do everything alone. Team work is woven into the fabric of a Marine Recruits lifestyle. Writing is also easier with team work. You need to be independent but if you have a spouse or close friend that also writes articles it can be easier. You will be able to help motivate each other and continually push each other too new writing goals. You also have the benefit of being able to hyperlink to each others articles. If you do not have a "writing buddy" then you can get one. Online friendships develop naturally when 2 people have common standards and goals.

Basic Warrior Training

For Basic Warrior Training the San Diego Marine Recruits move from the San Diego recruit depot to Camp Pendleton. The whole phase of Basic Warrior Training is to get the recruit ready for combat. Everything the recruit does during Basic Warrior Training is for training them for war.

Instead of taking a vacation to Hawaii take 1-2 weeks and rent a small cabin in the mountains or a cheap motel room. Make sure you are free of all distractions and write write write. Write articles for 12-15 hours a day. Push yourself to new writing levels. If you can spend 7 days writing articles non stop for 12-15 hours a day you will reach new levels. Your income from writing articles will drastically increase. More importantly, writing for 12-15 hours day nonstop for 7 days takes a lot of handwork. After you have wrote articles non stop for 7 days for 12-15 hours per day it will make all future writing easier.

After you have spent a week "Warrior Writing" then future writing sessions will be much easier. Instead of a two hour writing session seeming very hard it will seem very easy. If you force yourself to write for extended periods day after day you then the next time you sit down to write for a couple of hours it will be no big deal.


If you spend the next three months following these principles then you will have a HUGE folio of articles earning you money on sites such as InfoBarrel and Examiner. Upon graduation after three months you will be SHOCKED at how much you have changed. Although your writing career is rapidly on the fast track to make you HUGE SUMS of money your writing does not end after three months.

As any Marine will tell you the training is ongoing. Weather you have been a Marine for 1 year or 20 years you are constantly learning new stuff and practicing and implementing those things you have already learned. Writing articles online for money is no different. After three months of STRICT DISCIPLINE and writing heavily you can ease up a little bit. Those articles you already wrote will continue to earn you money but you will want to continue writing daily. You will constantly learn and hone new skills such as Social Network marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

If you follow these training ideas then you will earn money writing articles online. You will earn A lot.