10 Things you didn't know about Mario


Mario11. Mario's original name was Mr. Video. Miyamoto's plan was to use "Mr. Video" in all of his games. The name wasn't changed to Mario until Minoru Arakawa, who was Nintendo's president at the time, had an arguement with Mario Segale, who was a Nintendo warehouse owner. Segale was worried he would not be paid and demanded rent from Arakawa. This led to the character being named after Mario Segale. Even Miyamoto himself later admitted that the name Mr. Video probably would not have worked out. 


2. Mario was first created in the year 1981 by Shigeru Miyamoto. He was created for the game that would become Donkey Kong.  At first, the goal of the game was to get through mazes, and there was no jumping ability until Miyamoto added it later.


Mario Baseball3. Mario has been in around 210 games since 1981. He has been featured in many different types of games such as sports games, party games, puzzle games, and even a few educational games. Since its creation, Mario games have sold nearly 250 million copies, which makes it the best selling franchise ever.


4. The very first sports game Mario was featured in was the NES game golf in the year 1984. The cover of the game featured Mario in red and white overalls.


5. Ever since 1995, Mario has been voiced by Charles Martinet. He is also the voice of Baby Mario, Luigi, and Wario.


6. We all know that usually Mario is trying to save the princess in distress. However, in the original Donkey Kong game Mario was trying to save Pauline, who was his girlfriend. Princess Peach replaced her soon after.


Mario(111166)7. Mario has gained many power-ups over the years. Most of us remember the mushroom, the fire flower, and the star. Mario has also been able to fly, shoot ice-balls, and throw boomerangs. His very first power-up? The hammer which was used in Donkey Kong.


8. Mario has appeared outside of video games as well. He has been featured in a Japanese movie, books, and short films. The first movie came out in 1993 and was called Super Mario Bros, which is considered to be a failure. He has also appeared on clothing and apparel, such as shirts, lunch boxes, and toys. He has also inspired countless paintings, drawings, and skits.


9. Bowser is known as the bad guy in Mario games. However, he has also appeared as Mario's friend. This was in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


10. The first Super Mario game ranks second place ever when it comes to total copies sold with a total of about 40.3 million. The first place game? Wii Sports, with nearly 42 million copies sold.