Marital Problems: Who Blame You blame?

With the amount of marriages falling apart, you would think that people get married only to get a divorce. Marriage is supposed to be forever but the reality is completely different. How do you rebuild a marriage on the brink?

No matter how hard it can be, you can often repair a marriage on the edge. You need to believe that your marriage is worth saving. To rebuild a marriage on the brink, you need to do it for yourself and not for others (children, friends, etc). You need to be open and communicate clearly without insinuating. If you don't speak clearly and get to the root of your feelings, your marriage might be doomed. Avoid comparing your marriage to others because you don't know what they are dealing with behind closed doors. Finally, be careful of advice that well meaning friends might want to share with you.

Everything changes when a couple decides to have children. It can be really hard to balance children and marriage. What can you do if your children are putting a strain on your marriage?

Contrary to popular beliefs, children are not always a blessing and can at times be a curse on your marriage. You can deal with this by understanding that your marriage is more important than your children. You should not let your children interfere with the time you have set aside to work on your marriage. At times, children should be seen and not heard. Get away from it all from time to time and spend time together with your spouse. When you get back the children will still be there. Don't feel guilty because your children don't.

It is your fault. That is a sentence that is often uttered when people are faced with certain situations. They point an accusing finger in the opposite direction. Who do you blame when your marriage is in trouble?

It is always easy to blame your husband or wife when your marriage is in trouble. Often, the problem lies within. You need to partly blame yourself for marrying a jerk. You can also blame yourself when your marriage is in trouble for not being pragmatic enough to prevent marital tensions. Blame your husband or wife for making the wrong decision when he/she agreed to marry you. The blaming game when your marriage is in trouble will not help you solve your problems. You need to attack the issues not the person.