Marital Status: What does it's complicated mean?

If you are used to social networking sites like Facebook, you would have noticed the sentence, "It's complicated. Sounds strange or sounds familiar? What does it mean when a marital status or relationship equals, it's complicated?

If you were given an official form to fill out, you know it is important to be truthful. At times you get to the question, what is your civil status (married, living in sin, free love, etc). The new option "it's complicated" deserves an Oscar for being inventive. It basically means I am at a crossroad and don't know what I am doing or what I am going to do. It is complicated can mean I want to leave and at the same time I want to stay. I hate him or her and at the same time, I love him or her. It is complicated can also mean, I feel like cheating, killing, etc, but I just don't know what to do thus, (It's complicated).

Living the dream. If you live day dreaming, you eventually have to wake up. Marriage is like a dream but people do get a rude awakening. Is marriage really worth the time and effort?

It depends on where you are with your life. If you are single, totally in love, you might be thinking of taking your relationship to the next level (marriage). In that can the term its complicated will not feature in your vocabulary. If you are badly married and cannot wait to get out, marriage is probably not worth the effort and time and things can get complicated. If a divorce is out of the question because you risk losing your house, cars, children and more, then, you might want to put more effort into your marriage. Finally, your marriage might be worth the time and effort if you need someone to blame whenever you feel down. Someone who cannot not just walk away, because your lives are intertwined. Marriage is a blessing and can be a curse but, the more effort and time you invest in it will determine the outcome (blessing or a curse). Yes even when people are in so called stable relationship it can still be complicated.

Everything in life is either easy or complicated. Some things can be good and at the same time bad. Why is marriage so complicated?

Marriage is not complicated, people are complicated. Most things in life are simple and easy but, those involved can complicate things. Why is romance sweet and addictive during dating but evaporates during marriage? That is because when you remove love and effort from your marriage and replace it with routine, you end up with complications. Marriage is like most human institutions, if you get off to a bad start with a bad companion, your marital status will become "it's complicated"