Mark Boyle On Consumer Values

Mark Boyle

All over the world things are changing rapidly.  Humanity is changing, and there are lines in the sand being drawn on every front, and on every issue.  To me it seems as though humanity itself has began to not just boil, but is in a state of superheated boiling.  Oh we as a species have so much power!  We've got so much knowledge...but so little wisdom.

Mark Boyle is a man I view as being immensely wise.  I say he is an extremely wise man, and I say that knowing many persons with possibly greater intelligence quotients than myself will think him a total fool. It is extremely unlikely many will want or attempt a Mark Boyle lifestyle; and in the United States of America, it's practically illegal to live without money.  In a world dominated by the super wealthy, bankers, and corporations; it's very hard to be an individual who refuses to play their game.

Let's face it, most of us who're able to even know who Mr. Boyle is live in a place where we are trapped in a system to where it is nearly impossible to break free, and truly live off grid.  If you own some property, you never really own it if you have to pay taxes on it.  How many people have enough invested somewhere to forever have the taxes paid so they do not have to work?

There is absolutely a global system of control in place in our world, and the masters of the system wish to tell us how we must live, what we must believe; and they forever seek to place within us a desire for things we don't really need.  Why does anyone need a bank account?  Is there any person on the planet who provides LESS good to our world than a banker?  No, there are extremely few persons who actually cause more damage to our world than do bankers.

Mahatma Gandhi On How To Truly Change The World

The Change

As the story goes, Mr. Mark Boyle had by chance bought a film about Mahatma Gandhi, and was very influenced by the quote in the image above.  Probably the greatest majority of the people walking about on the planet Earth want to see the world changed some way or another, but what they are actually doing most often is refusing to recognize how they as individuals aren't planning to change at all.  We often refuse to recognize how our actions are very very harmful.  We buy some product, and never realize how the production of that product involved massive amounts of human misery, ecological degradation, and who knows just what all else?

Just recently I was having coffee with my mother, and I enjoyed some pumpkin spice creamer in the coffee.  I enjoyed the creamer until I read the ingredients, and saw the stuff contained palm oil, one of the worst possible things imaginable as a product.  Not that the product itself is so horrible, but its production involves massive deforestation, and the slaughter of orangutans[1].  If I care about deforestation and the lives of the animals killed for palm oil, then I can't drink coffee creamer with palm oil in it.  I've got to be the change I want to see in this world, and not ever purchase or use anything containing palm oil.  That's how it works.

Mark Boyle had been a rich man, but he's wealthier now without that job, that income, and all that guilt he had for being part of the problems he sees in this world.  While many will think Mr. Boyle's totally and completely off grid change of lifestyle extreme, and while I can't do that myself just now, I admire him and all of it immensely.

Mark Boyle

Mark Boyle

What I personally find inspiring about Mark Boyle is how he literally puts, and please pardon the incorrect terminology for sake of the point, his money where his mouth is.  He's a money less man, as he's identified the things he wants changed in this world, and they all have to do with the love of money, which is the root of all evil.  Mr. Boyle is doing what he wants to do, and his words are reflected in his actions.  He is the complete and total polar opposite of US President Barack Hussein Obama, a man who habitually says one thing, then does the opposite in his legislation and actions.  It's plain to me no one should have any respect at all for a man like Obama, but all the respect in the world for Mr. Boyle.  Why?  A man who is what he says he is, and does what he'll say he'll do, and literally practices what he preaches is an admirable man.

Mark Boyle is more than just that, an honorable man for being and doing things he says he'll do and being who he says he is.  He's also a man with a profound sense of what is and isn't of true value.  He says were we to grow our own food, we wouldn't be wasting a third of it, which is probably an accurate enough statement as to Western world wastefulness. Why do people waste so much food?  Don't they know other people are starving?  Is it not shameful to waste food while knowing people in the very city or town you live in are hungry?  Isn't it even more shameful to waste food when everyone knows people are starving to death by the millions in other places? According to the Washington Post[2], a full 40% of the food goes wasted each year, and this is $165 million dollars worth of food.  This is obscene, so obscene that nothing else can compare to it for its horrifying and disgusting truth.  At the same time we're wasting 40% of our own food, I'm told 3.5 million children die each year from starvation[3]. Dear readers, if you are bothered by this, then you must 1. not waste food, 2. look closely at the values you hold, and see if maybe you are not contributing to what causes these things to happen.

The second quote in the first image is also very important.  What it seems Mr. Boyle is speaking of is what we call planned obsolescence[4], or maybe just general waste among the very wealthy; and this is an industrial society consumer hell sort of waste we've all, likely, been involved in regardless of how fastidiously we've respected food.  My beloved mother recently had the tile in her kitchen and dining room ripped out and replaced with nicer tile.  Thing was, there was nothing wrong with the tile which had been there since my folks' house was built.  That isn't truly planned obsolescence, that's just waste.  I'm just as guilty of that sort of thing myself, and I'd bet you are too.  If you are middle class in the USA, you ARE very wealthy, and if you are even somewhat poor in the USA, you are STILL very wealthy.  Oh you hear so many people crying and moaning about the poor getting poorer in the USA, and oh it is so terribly sad a young family can't afford a house, and must live in an apartment.  Oh it is so terribly sad they can't afford a new SUV, and must continually drive an older one.  Who, exactly, is that sad for?  It's not sad for me, and it isn't sad for Mr. Boyle.  If more and more of us reject these stupid industrial society values, then the oligarchy running the world loses power; and the suffering of the truly impoverished becomes less for we're then as a people abusing them less by simply realizing what we've got has value already, that more won't make us more happy; and then perhaps we'd actually bother to care about people far away.  Thanks for reading, please think about your consumer values, my friends, and realize those are the only votes that matter - the political voting thing is merely an illusion.

Mark Boyle - The Moneyless Man