On Feb 10th 2009 Mark Lewis Kinney said

“After many years of working on the road, I decided to grow roots in my home state California. Teaching has become a passion and adventure for me starting back in 2000. Every student has a different learning style and my teaching style and material changes to meet the individual. Every student is motivated by different means and their progress depends on their interest. I am fortunate to have had experience in all forms of music to include classics, jazz, pop, rock, country… These styles actually are more related than one may think. A student will learn technique, improvisation, theory, sight reading, playing with others. Students learn how to be real performers and some are performing with me at my shows. The main ingredient to learning to play music is FUN.

MMark Lewis Kinneyy Philosophy on music is simple. It is the only language that can be understood across all cultures. It is the language of the heart. Children who grow up with music are more in tune with their creativity. They tend to be better thinkers, problem solvers, and have confidence in who they are.”

On December 8th 2009 Mark Lewis Kinney was arrested and charged with 11 felonies. Among the felony charges are lewd and lascivious acts on a minor and taking nude photos of the children. According to one of the investigators there are at least 3-4 different victims and the Sheriffs department is searching to find out if there are more victims.

Mark Lewis Kinney played in a band called “Mojave River” in the 1990's.

Mark Lewis Kinney had a website at MarkKinney.com that has been took down. A cached Google page shows his policies for musical students.

Kinney Policies

Mark Kinney had been performing with a band called Jamcodia which can be found at http://www.myspace.com/jamcodia however there are no songs.

The bio on MySpace for Jamcodia was written by Mark Kinney himself and states

“Jamcodia was formed by keyboardist Mark Kinney after traveling on the road for many years with various artist to include Kenny Chesney. After moving to California he played many solo dates with various bass players and maybe a drummer or drum machine here and there. He is fill-in keyboardist for many bands in San Diego and he began booking his own dates. Mark is a piano and drum teacher and began playing with friend Jon Hasz who owns the music store (Ramona Music center-free plug) that Mark teaches at. The two began playing regularly as a duo incorporating many styles into their shows. Often taking well know songs and changing its genre--imagine sweet home alabama with cello or a bluegrassy "lord I was born a ramblin man". Soon Mark's second cousin ____ was sitting in at just 11 and wowed audiences with her unique voice, harmony skills, and guitar playing. _____ started sitting in for just a few songs and is now a regular if not prominant member of the group. She has already written and performed a few originals. The thought of playing without a percusionist was just frustrating and soon students of Marks were invited to join. A great opportunity for talented young drummers and one of the best is ____ ____. Mature drummer beyond his years and is also an accomplished pianist. The gigs are pure fun and always family oriented and musician friends of the band are always adding to the mix. “

The band obviously has not hit the big time as their last scheduled gig was December 4th at Wynola pizza. Free admission.

You can see a video of Jamcodia playing a song at Wynolas Pizza on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoUgQ14H1cc

You can find Mark Kinney's YouTube profile Here

Mark Lewis Kinney lives in Santa Ysabel California and taught music one night a week in Ramona California.

You can find Mark Kinney Lewis on Myspace at MySpace.com/ANameTaken

The last time he was logged onto MySpace was September 2 2009.

Feb 12th 2011 Update:  Mark Lewis Kinney Was Convicted and will be sentenced March 18th.