Month 5: Out With A Bang In 2012?

It's the holiday season, and the new year is right around the corner! How did my numbers fare for the last month in 2012 - my 5th month of InfoBarrel and tracking my passive income? Well, it's a bit of status quo. Not a bang, but definitely not a bust. It started off strong, but dripped to a standstill with the holidays. To be expected for sure. On to the data so you can see for yourself. 

The Numbers

Articles and niche sites built in December

InfoBarrel articles published in December 2012: 20
Total InfoBarrel Articles: 156 (5 month total)

Squidoo lenses published in December 2012: 4
Total Squidoo lenses published: 21 (4 month total)

Niche sites built in December 2012: 0 
Total niche sites: 1

December 2012 financials

InfoBarrel AdSense: $28.48 ($37.52 in November) 
Niche Site AdSense: 2.65 ($.67 in November)
InfoBarrel Amazon Affiliate: $7.25 ($11.04 in November) 
Squidoo Amazon Affiliate: $6.33 ($.59 in November) 
Other Affiliate: $0 ($17 in November) 
Chitika: $.35 ($.44 in November) 
RedGage: $.97 (1.14 in November)
Bubblews:  $16.71  ($5.90 in November)
Online Freelance Writing: $125.25 ($138.00 in November) 
GymPact: $8.80 ($10.55 in November)
Gomez Peer: $4.52     ($0 in November, December is first month out of pending status)


TOTAL MONTH EXPENSES: -$94.75 ($100 monthly budget. My August 2012 income report shows a bit of my breakdown. Also take a look at my my profile page for the keyword tools I use daily.)

TOTAL MONTHLY PROFIT: +$106.56 (down from $128.10 in November 2012).

Biggest Accomplishments

 There's no ONE big accomplishment this month, but I am very happy about my overall August through December 2012 growth. I've learned a lot, and I expect to really hit 2013 running. I am happy that my Gomez Peer account has finally left the "Pending" status, and I now am receiving payments. It took over 2 months for it to happen. It isn't a ton of money, but I am looking at it as half of the cost of my VPS paid for through it. Every dollar adds up!

In case you're interested in Gomez Peer (a small program that runs on your PC and makes you money with no other efforts), it is free to apply. As you can see, it'll take some time to move out of pending, but the money does come with no efforts of your own. I have it running on my VPS (24/7) and on my laptop (when I am working on it). 

What I’ve Learned In Month Five

600 words is my new article minimum.

With InfoBarrel's new Amazon module, you can have an Amazon link for every 200 words. That's a big deal. I used to set a minimum of 500 words for myself, but with this update, 600 words is now the goal. That amount gives you the ability to position two Amazon module links and a third contextual Amazon link at the end of your article so that you give your readers a place to go at the end of your article. Or -  if you prefer - you can roll with three Amazon module links, though that one contextual Amazon link does give you the value of 100% of click-throughs compared to the 75% of InfoBarrel's module links. I think the 2/1 ratio is a good one. Of course if there are legs in the topic for 800 or 1,000 words, 3/1 or 4/1 (or 3/2) are even better.

Get an Amazon link in the top third of the article.

For my product-related articles, I try to position at least one Amazon module link after the second (or at most the third) paragraph. Depending on your writing style, it may even work after your first paragraph. Not everyone reads to the bottom of a post, so it's important to give them a selling option as early on as contextually possible. This can also work for non-product articles if you plan the article flow right. 

Create a passive income spreadsheet early in your efforts.

If passive income is your goal, you are going to want an easy way to analyze your monthly efforts. You'll need to be able to data-mine your monthly trends, and that's tough to do in your head after a few months. An Excel spreadsheet can be a big deal here. It'll really help you see those financial trends, especially comparing  big spending seasons year-over-year.

Goals For January 2013

  • Write 15 InfoBarrel articles. I will have a late start in January due to holiday travel (it's tough to write on the road) so my numbers are a little lower. 
  • Create five Squidoo lenses (markweaver there too)
  • Create an Amazon Affiliate strategy. There's much to be learned when it comes to keyword and product research on, and I've only begun to scratch the surface. I am going to focus my research time on getting down strategies for 2013. This should pay big dividends for both my InfoBarrel and Squidoo writing.
  • Create one niche website. I pulled one niche site down in December for reworking, but I have another that is a third built at the moment. The goal is to have the new one up and running by February 1. I expect good things from it as it's based off of my most popular product articles here on InfoBarrel. 

My financial goals for my month six, January 2013:

  • $50 from InfoBarrel AdSense (I'm going to keep the same goal that was not met in December 2012. This will be tough to reach, but let's go for it!)
  • $30 from all Amazon affiliate sales across sites (Again, keeping the same goal as December 2012. This was not hit in December either, but it should be possible to hit with the new modules here on InfoBarrel.)

I've had a great time in 2012, and in 2013 I'm looking forward to amazing things from all here on InfoBarrel, no matter the type of writing you enjoy. This is a strong community of writers - good things to all!

And Now...Some Books I Highly Recommend

Yes, these aren't in the first third of this article - perhaps poor planning on my part! Anyway,  I have found chapters in all of these books to be very helpful in formulating my online passive income plans and goals. Have a look.

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich
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Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World
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Outliers: The Story of Success
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