A Big Jump In Month Three!

Happy November to all! October is now on record, and here's my online income report, plus learnings that I discovered in the past month in regard to InfoBarrel, strategic writing, and passive income. 

Month three was a big step up! My overall profit saw an increase over 300% month to month thanks mostly to an unexpectedly big freelance writing month. But, as importantly, my InfoBarrel AdSense earnings jumped over 800% and my InfoBarrel Amazon earnings saw over 100% growth. Add that to hitting the 100 InfoBarrel article mark I set, my first Squidoo earnings, and the discovery of Bubblews and it's easy to say that month three went much better than expected. Let's break it down.

The Numbers

Articles and niche sites built in October

InfoBarrel articles published in October 2012: 32
Total InfoBarrel Articles: 105 (3 months total)

Squidoo lenses published in October 2012: 7 
Total Squidoo lenses published: 12 (1 month total)

Niche sites built in October 2012: 0 
Total niche sites: 2

October 2012 financials

InfoBarrel AdSense: $22.86 ($2.50 in September) 
Niche Site AdSense: $1.92 ($0 in September)
InfoBarrel Amazon Affiliate: $23.49 ($11.50 in September) 
Squidoo Amazon Affiliate: $2.85 ($0 in September) 
Other Affiliate: $0 ($0 in September) 
Chitika: $.25 ($.15 in September) 
RedGage: $.97 (1.04 in September)
Bubblews:  $8.22   ($0 in September, just started in October. Includes $5 "startup gift")
Online Freelance Writing: $194.70 ($110.54 in September) 
GymPact: $10.50 ($8.30 in September)

Side note: GymPact just released referral codes that reward both the referrer AND the user. If you're interested in monetizing your workout and you've got an iPhone - use my referral code cleanMattB when signing up in the app after download. We each get $5!


TOTAL MONTH EXPENSES: -$94.75 ($100 monthly budget. The August 2012 income report covers my strategy. Also see my profile page for some of the tools I use daily.)

TOTAL MONTHLY PROFIT: +$171.01 (up from $39.28 in September 2012).

Biggest Accomplishments

Well, my biggest money-maker was my online freelance writing, but realistically that's a bit of a crapshoot. When work comes in, it comes in, so I can't account for it being this high month to month (though $100+ is the norm). 

I am most excited about the revenue growth I've seen in my InfoBarrel articles across both AdSense and Amazon. And I really feel this is just the tip of the iceberg. Hard work and strategic thinking will continue to move this needle.

What I’ve Learned In Month Three

For those just beginning, every online income report, I am putting on record what I've learned in my process since day 1. If you haven't read my August or September income reports, there's some great stuff in there for those just beginning. I hope it helps a few people out there. Onto the learnings. 

Find ways to alleviate risk for your reader

This is not something I just learned this month. It's a bit of business school mixed with article marketing, but it will certainly help with your click-through conversion rates.

I am the first to admit that I am a marketer who likes to write (not the opposite), so my reasons for writing are different than other, more creative, writers. Yes, I write for the purpose of financial gain, but there's still a craft and every reason in the world to write quality posts that both engage the reader and give them what they want.

When you write on product and you're looking to maximize the potential for click-throughs, think about what you can write about that helps alleviate risk from the buying cycle. The act of buying often comes down to the moment that the idea of the purchase feels less risky. The person feels they'll get their money's worth. They feel that there is a use case in their life where it makes sense. They've been inspired by the words used in the story telling surrounding the product. Ultimately, they simply feel like the product is worth the investment. 

Whether you're writing a specific product article, a how-to, or a tips article, they're all about offering solutions and in them are opportunities for revenue generation. Don't forget to look for ways to alleviate risk from the idea of purchasing. You'll find it will help your revenue generation goals for both AdSense and Amazon. 

I plan on writing a more comprehensive article on this, but for now I hope this helps a few out there that are looking for tips on maximizing revenue. 

Bubblews is surprisingly strong

I was introduced to Bubblews in the InfoBarrel forums, and I've got to say it is a surprisingly good site. It's an excellent place to write short works that cross-promote your InfoBarrel articles. But, I've also been sucked into writing other pieces as well because it's just fun. 

The revenue is based off of impressions, likes, and dislikes. Essentially any action a visitor takes with your article makes you money. You have to like that. Outside of the $5 gift they give you for starting, I made $3.22 in about ten days from ten total posts. I am sure that's on the low-end of what some have earned, but it's totally the type of site that the more time you put into it, the more money you'll make. 

Images in every article to maximize revenue

OK, a hint: Images help alleviate risk. People respond to images, and they'll feel more secure in trusting your article and buying the product. But just as importantly, on InfoBarrel the media pages on which your uploaded images are housed also include AdSense advertisements. In fact, in three different, high CTR positions. Adding a few images each article builds you not one page, but three+ pages for you that are all potential revenue generators. 

Goals For October 2012

  • Reach 125 InfoBarrel articles. Part of my larger goal to be at 150 articles before 2013 hits. 
  • Create five more Squidoo lenses. You can find me over there under the same MarkWeaver handle. 
  • Become a Market Samurai expert. I'm getting more knowledgable every week. You need something like Market Samurai (or another keyword tool) to understand popularity, competition, and revenue potential of the keywords you are targeting. You don't get the third from Google's AdWords keyword tool. 

And finally, my financial goals for my month three, October 2012:

  • $30 from InfoBarrel AdSense (up about $8 from where I ended last month)
  • $30 from all Amazon affiliate sales across sites (up $6 from where I ended last month)

These aren't aggressive goals from where I ended last month, but I do think they are still challenging with all of my content being under three months old. 

 Again, thanks for reading. I hope some of the tips help. And keep on trucking along! It's an exciting journey we are all on, and here's to everyone's success!

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