Market Samurai is a multipurpose Internet marketing tool. It's primary strength lies in keyword research and analysis, as well as analysis of your top competitors in Google. The software uses Adobe AIR, making it available to all computer platforms, whether that be Mac, PC, or Linux users. I use Market Samurai before writing any article, to best understand what keywords to target, what my competition is like, and what earnings potential the article has. Market Samurai is not without its weaknesses, but I find these are far outweighed by its strengths. The software is constantly being improved and updated, free of charge.

There are eight modules currently available, with the ninth one (for Google AdWords) soon to be released.

Rank Tracker Module:
This module tracks your ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing for an unlimited number of domains and keywords. It charts your progress over time, as well as displaying your page rank and the number of backlinks pointing your way.

This tool, while extremely useful, can take a long time to update if you are tracking a large number of domains or keywords with a high search-depth (top 1000, instead of top 10 or top 20 etc).

Keyword Research Module:
This is my favorite tool - while all of the information you can find with this module you can find with free tools, the ability to sort for different factors and seeing many different metrics simultaneously I find invaluable. For example, you can filter out terms based on the number of daily searches, the amount of traffic the top ranked page in Google can expect, the number of competing webpages, the AdWords click-through rate, and more. This allows you to be extremely specific, and find keywords that you can easily compete for the top spot with.


In this example, the data is organized based on the top AdWords Click Through Rate (for the highest-paying ad for that keyword, so your on-page CTR will be somewhat higher)

SEO Competition Module:
This is the most fun module. Expanding on the keyword research tool, this module is what I think sets Market Samurai apart from other tools. Here you get a complete breakdown of the entire first page of Google results for a keyword. It displays metrics for the most important parts of Google's ranking algorithm: domain age, page rank, number of indexed pages, 3 types of backlinks, and on-page optimization (title tags, subheadings etc).

You are also able to analyze the competition's backlinks here: to view the anchor text and PageRank of every single link.

You can even add your own, custom URL to see how your page stacks up (see the image for an example of how my How To Get Rid of Raccoons article stacks up)

seo (28551)

Other Modules, Free Trials, and more!

The other modules you probably won't use as much as these three for article writing, but that isn't to say they're not useful. For a blogger, these other modules will certainly come into play and are worth investigating.

The great thing about Market Samurai is that it gives you a 12 day free trial, which is more than enough time to check out all its features and decide whether or not you want to purchase it. For me, it was a no-brainer. I use Market Samurai for the same reason we use vehicles instead of walking everywhere, it saves a ton of time and energy. There are also a plethora of training videos on their website, which are great for understanding keyword research and SEO even if you're not using the program.

If you are interested in purchasing Market Samurai, you can save $54 by signing up for the free trial and then purchasing. I would be honored if you would use my affiliate link, but if you don't want to, just go to