Direct Marketing

Most mail order beginners don't know the difference between selling a product and marketing a product. They think it all means the same. If you don't know the difference at this moment then you must for the future success of your business. Just selling won't get you far. However market your product right and your business will definately be on the right lines.

What is marketing? Well, first lets consider a product from the customers point of view. When a customer walks towards a shaver counter of an electrical store and asks specifically for the Remington shaver you can mark that down as a successful marketing job on that customer.

The customer will have seen the ad promoting the shaver on TV, or read an advert in the newspaper. Probably both. If that shaver had been promoted as just an ordinary shaver that happens to have a close shave it would have been lost amongst the many shavers on offer. However good marketing made it a winner!

The Remington Shaver became a leader, rising head and shoulders above the competition. The marketing concept was simple but powerful. Victor Kiam, the actual owner of the company explained the benefits in newspaper advertisements and on TV one to one. This brings a personal and believable touch to the ad - especially as he explained he was so impressed with the products he bought the company!

The final clincher was the money back guarantee. Complete satisfaction or money refunded. No other shaver had been marketed in such a personal, believable and no risk way.

The message is simple. Look at your products from all angles and come up with a good marketing concept. By promoting your products in a different or unique way, your business rises above the competition. Sales increase. Experience and confidence grows. Your creative thoughts will swing into action immediately on every marketing campaign as a matter of course as your mind becomes conditioned to positive and creative ways to market your products.