Facebook is the world's largest social media network. With over 500 million users there will be an audience interested in your product. If your business doesn't have a Facebook page, why not? Its free and extremely simple to use. So let's go through and see how you can set up a free Facebook page for your business. To create a Facebook page go HERE, select the type of page you want, choose a name and select 'Get Started'. Congratulations, your business has a Facebook page. You will now need to add a picture and play around with the settings to make the Facebook page unique to your business. 

Customizing your Facebook page

To create a custom and inviting welcome page to your business's Facebook page, install THIS application. To make this the first thing the user sees click 'Edit page" then while you in the 'Manage Permissions' section select the drop down box next too 'Default landing page' select 'Welcome' and save changes. You can edit the welcome page with the Static HTML application. This takes some HTML knowledge so if you don't know how to do this, thing about hiring somebody who does. Remember first impressions last!

Getting the word out

Once your business's Facebook page is looking spectacular, you will want to think about how you may get some traffic. Start by inviting your friends and asking them to share. Think about special promotions your business can run to encourage people to like your business on Facebook. You can also use the very affordable advertising campaigns Facebook offers. Before jumping into paid advertising, sit down and draw up a plan of who your demographic will be, how much you are willing to spend and what your advertisements ill say. You pay for these ads every time somebody clicks on them, so you want to turn that loss into a profit as much as possible. Only target people who you think can afford and will benefit from your product. 


  • Keep up to date with your Facebook posting! If you get lazy and stop posting you audience will forget about your business and all you hard word has gone down the drain.
  • Respond to clients! Allow people to post on your page and answer all questions as best you can. Make sure you monetize this and remove anything that could damage your brand. 
  • Stick out from the rest! Make your page suit your business, keep the graphics appealing and people will want to like your page.
  • Stay on top of promotions! Offer promotions on a schedule, such as half price for liking for 2 days of the month or 25% off for sharing a post ever two months. Just because you already have 100 followers doesn't mean you can't get 10 000 more. You need to get as many as possible because Facebook is free exposure for your brand. 
  • Facebook is a fun and friendly website! Keep your page to this theme.