Twitvid Marketing ToolIntroducing Twitvid as a marketing tool

Wow another way to connect twitter and video, I love it from the point as twitter users and marketers already know, twitter only gives you 140 characters of text to post, which is characterized as a "tweet." But more often than not, as a user, you want to express more in your post to your followers on twitter. And where you want to be a lot more captivating, you can upload a video for your Twitvid marketing.

And then intro TwitVid marketing; a video sharing tool for twitter with the largest following and enterprise program of any other. The company touts itself as "the fastest and easiest way to automatically share videos with your followers on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube," both from your desktop and mobile device, either uploading pre-recorded video or recording it right in the TwitVid platform or app.

To use Twitvid as a marketing tool post up a video to twitter, as well as share it with others, then the easiest and fastest way to do so today is using TwitVid. Here's how it works:

1. You upload your video;

2. You authorize the TwitVid application (or any 3rd party social media application which has a partnership with TwitVid) to access your twitter account;

3. You enter your tweet, you put in some Meta descriptions of the video and anchor tag and so on, and then you "tweet" the video. (I.e., you post the video on twitter.)

TwitVid's marketing tool can be shared with embedding features.

•You can link directly to your TwitVid marketing video, and you can also embed the video in an affiliate or business web page

•You can auto share your "twitvids" via your YouTube, Facebook, or MySpace account.

•The TwitVid widget lets you display all of your own TwitVids right on your website.

Examples of Micro-Video Marketing Strategies for Twitter:

Think what micro-blogging is to twitter, micro-videos are to TwitVid – typically 10-30 second clips. Because people use twitter to get quick bits of real-time information, it's makes good sense to publish videos for twitter followers to be as short as possible.

Some good examples I found on TwitVid of micro videos:

•Pop Star @justinbieber

•Will Smith's Daughter @OfficialWillow

Research has shown that TwitVid is particularly enticing to iPhone users. But that makes perfect sense, since cell phones with video recording and Wi-Fi/3G/4G publishing it is ideal for micro-videos to social network sites. To date, over 129,000 TwitVid marketing videos have been indexed in Google's search results; and they do get indexed very right away. Twitvids' own search engine is currently in beta, and it shows. While it does have the real-time drop-down menu when you start typing, it appears that you need to have the exactly spelling correct if it's going to retrieve any results.

So get out there with your video cameras and iPhones and start making some quality Twitvid marketing videos for your websites or blogs, and don't forget to have fun!

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