Law Firm Internet Marketing

internet marketing" align="right" width="100" height="100">In today's world, we all know how powerful the internet can be. In fact, I think we would all concede that it is probably the most important vehicle for promoting a law firm, besides, of course, good old word of mouth. But, try to figure out how to maximize your law firm internet marketing efforts and you're probably going to make yourself go crazy. And you know you can't trust what you hear on the phone.

Well, I've got some good news for you. I'm an attorney. I understand how marketing for law firms on the internet works. And I'm going to tell you the basics today.

The most important thing to remember in your law firm marketing efforts is that Google and the other search engines want to put the best content at the tops of their pages. They don't care who it is or how it was produced, but when someone types in a search phrase, they want the question to be answered 100% of the time in the top five search results, and if not there, then on the first page.

Everything you are doing is trying to show Google that you are an authority figure that deserves to be in that first spot whenever someone searches for your keywords.

Let's take an example to see what I'm talking about. Let's say you are a personal injury attorney and want to learn more about personal injury practice marketing, so you type it into Google. What should come up is information on marketing a personal injury practice. Now, it might be businesses, but they are the best authority on personal injury attorney marketing out there.

The way Google determines who goes at the top is by content, and by links. Links are hyperlinks (the things you can click on that take you to other pages). When someone links from their site to your site, Google sees this as a vote for your site, and it tells what your site is about by the text of the link. So, if you were a personal injury attorney, you would want to get as many links as possible from all over the internet to your site with the text "personal injury attorney" in the link. Get enough votes and you start to move up the search engines.

The important thing to remember in your law firm marketing efforts is to learn a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes before you start paying someone to help you. That way you can make sure you are maximizing your dollars.