Whether you represent a company who is looking for the perfect marketing manager or you are searching through job advertisements from different companies, crucial to finding the perfect candidate or job is a thorough but concise marketing manager job description.

An effective job description will ideally describe exactly what the job involves, without being overly lengthy or too generic. A good advertisement is the key to making a good impression. This holds true for all publications, whether they relate to product promotion or network expansion. Materials which are publicly accessible must always be well-written and diligently edited before release.

Marketing manager positions may also be referred to as follows: product manager, company development manager, market research manager, marketing coordinator, brand marketing manager, sales and marketing coordinator and assistant brand manager.

A job description for this role should ideally list educational, industry experience and certification requirements, if required by the company. It should clearly describe what is involved in the job. Some companies assign both general and more specific tasks to the individual who holds the managerial role and these should be listed in the job advertisement. The employee should be familiar with the required tasks of the company and should not take up a comparable position job title and yet hold contrasting responsibilities.

To be precise, a manager in marketing holds responsibility for proposing strategies to ascertain that a company's product will sell. The individual is required to follow research on the latest marketing trends and keep an eye on the marketing strategies adopted by their competitors to ensure that the company does not fall behind. In addition to this, the individual should show talent for identifying potential opportunities in the current market which may be able to be addressed with an innovative product or company service.

Aside from possessing experiencing of similar responsibilities, it would be advantageous if a future employee possessed experience of working in the industry or of marketing related products. Employing a marketing manager who had experience of working in a fast food chain would not bring the same key strategies and understanding as that which would be brought by a fashion magazine marketing manager. This distinction should be noted in your job description to ensure that your future employee is accustomed to the particulars of the industry. In addition, they would not experience confusion over the support system which links the company to the division which deals with marketing.

In addition to the aforementioned qualities, an individual who takes on this marketing role should possess the following characteristics:

An ability to function as part of a team;

An outstanding ability to research marketing strategies and to thoroughly analyze current opportunities in marketing;

A willingness to travel when necessary and to live in another location if it is required.

A satisfactory marketing manager job description should therefore feature: educational requirements; necessary industry experience; a list of job responsibilities; working conditions that may have to be dealt with with regards to the job; a keenness to travel as a requirement; the ability to conduct extensive research and to perform assignments out-of-town.