When thinking about marketing for your company it is important to have a strategy. Even the smallest of companies need a written marketing plan to be successful. By thinking about and writing down a strategy you are developing a more focused approach for your specific company goals.

In starting out it is important to have a few questions in mind: What is the main effect you want to have on your customer? What will be the feeling they will get from your product or service? These answers will lead you to the right strategy for your particular business plan.

There are a few marketing techniques to keep in mind when developing your business plan. Hopefully the tips and tricks offered below will help you in strategizing the best move for your company.

SWOT - A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunity, threats) assessment is a textbook marketing assessment tool that can help you in the beginning stages of developing your plan. It is also important to keep in mind who your target audience is and what your budget will be.

Telemarketing - This tried and true method of marketing will help by targeting key customers in greater quantities and should be considered in any marketing plan.

E-mail marketing - Marketing via the web is becoming an increasingly popular marketing choice because of its global reach and effectiveness in reaching out to people 24/7. According to The State of Retailing Online 2009: Marketing report, "89 %of retailers cited e-mail as the most successful marketing tactic overall. The benefits of e-mail are just as great for B2B and service franchises. According to Shop.org, e-mail marketing delivers sales at an average cost per order of less than $7, as compared to $71.89 for banner ads, $26.75 for paid search, and $17.47 for affiliate programs." Creating an e-newsletter or e-mail campaign can create credibility and value for your company.

Whether you are doing a SWOT analysis or focusing on b2b telemarketing as a marketing tool it is important to research all options and develop a plan of action. Remember to ask yourself the basic questions and figure out what your budget will be. Traditional as well as technologically driven marketing like social media can all be valuable if they are part of an overall plan and tracked on a regular basis.