infobarrel(112868)Credit: infobarrelAfter your article is approved on InfoBarrel, you should just sit back and wait for the Brinks truck to drop off your earnings, right?  Wrong! Getting the article approved is only half the battle. Finding readers is something that you need to do in order to get the most out of your writing effort.  If you follow these article marketing tips, you will definitely increase your readership.

If you speak with any experienced InfoBarrel author, they will tell you that they are earning between $0.50 and $2.00 (per month) for each article they have published. Earning extra money in this space is purely a numbers game and it's critical that you appreciate the very direct link between people reading your article and Google Adsense income. You are likely to earn between $16 to $18 per 1,000 views with Ad-sense. That's all. If you hear that an article pulled in $1.00 in revenue, you can tell that the article probably had around 50 page-views by doing the math backward. That's a reasonable number for anyone who has a) not researched their keyword phrases (subject of a future article), b) not taken Search Engine Optimization into consideration (subject of a future article), c) not independently promoted their articles/posts and d) not tried to further monetize their articles/posts with online affiliate leads (subject of a future post). To earn money within this space, you must generate page views.

Whenever I receive notice that my article has been published, I follow these five steps to build site visitors:

1. Update your previously published articles with links to your latest article.  The placement of these links needs to be natural and organic - it should not appear to the reader as if you are crow-barring in backlinks for the sake of it. When done effectively, it will help your reader to stay inside of your various posts, which improves the likelihood that they discover something they like/recommend to others. For instance, in my article about Classic Hindi movies (which I wrote because keyword had very good search volume), I had a sentence that said Bollywood stars were India's equivalent of Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp. When I wrote that sentence, I had intended to write subsequent articles about these two actors. When these subsequent articles were eventually approved, I placed backlinks into the original article.

2. Submit your article to InfoBarrel for consideration to be a feature post. To this point, I've had several articles featured and confirm this generates reasonable volume (depending on the day). You can (and should) submit to more than one category.

3. Up-date your Adsense account with the URL of the new article. This will let you monitor the profit being produced for each article. After a while, you will realize that certain article types out-punch their weight when it comes to income, while ones you assumed would be slam-dunks fall flat. This is valuable for your evolution as an article writer. Inside Google Adsense, go to '˜My Ads', then '˜URL Channels'.

4. Copy the link of your new article into "" (StumbleUpon's link shortening service) and sent notification to your Twitter and Facebook accounts from inside of Su.Pr.  Have some fun with the announcement - make it compelling so that people want to read your article.  I use this StumbleUpon service because it gives my articles a chance at going viral very quickly.

5. Create a regular auto-tweet to your new post by using a product such as Tweet Adder.

Those are the essentials. Please leave a comment below if you have a different tip that is working for you.