You have finally started that blog, and you feel it has good information, but now you want to try marketing your blog right?

But how? How can you get your blog out there in front of people when there are thousands of them online and out in cyber space?

The best way to start marketing your blog, is to treat is as a business. When you want to advertise your business, you would advertise it to people who would be interested in that type of business right? In your case, you need to find the audience for your type of niche.

So, if you have a particular niche that your blog is about, then try and target people who would be interested in that same niche, try and find out where they are. Here are a few ways to try marketing your blog.

1. Find forums and other blogs that are about the same niche as yours. Using your main keyword, search out forums with Google Search. Put in your keyword and then /forum and see what comes up. You can discuss with others on the forums, and each time you post you can have your own blog in the signature line. Just make sure you are truly answering or commenting on the subject at hand, not just say a couple of words. You want people to take an interest in your responses, and then they will click on you to see your site.

The same goes for other peoples blogs, you can leave comments. Leave at least a couple of lines, and give a decent comment, something that shows you were interested, and that should be easy especially if their niche is the same as yours, which you would know about.

2. Add a signature line to your emails. You can go into the email setup and there will be a tab for a signature line, put your url for your blog, and a comment on why someone should look at it. This is a great way for marketing your blog, especially to your friends and family. This way you are not spamming, but just letting everyone know about your blog every time you send out a email.

3. Make sure you add a post often. In the beginning it has been suggested you post at least once a day. So, you need to have lots of quality information to add to this blog. So before you really get one started, make sure you will be able to do many posts.

4. For marketing your blog, stick to the niche you started with. Have it in your title, and try not to deviate from the subject too much. This way you will get followers. These are people who have the same interest as you do, and look forward to your posts. If you start digressing and heading elsewhere in your posts, you may lose your followers.

5. Make sure you do some affiliate marketing to make some money. If you are marketing your blog within a particular niche, then your ads should be for something similar. You can sign up for affiliates such as Amazon, Google Adsense, Click bank. If you write about your particular niche, then the google ads should show up as something that your readers may be interested in and click on, and make you money.

Therefore the more followers you have, or the more readers you get, the more likely they are to click on a google ad, or purchase a click bank ebook, or buy something from Amazon for example.

Try to use keywords you think people would use to search out your subject. Use the keywords in your post title and in your post itself. Try and post at least 150 words. You don't want too big a post, especially if you are posting daily. You don't want to bore your readers either. But you need more than a line to show up anywhere.

6. When marketing your blog, try and include pictures in your post when you can. Many people will only look at something for a few seconds, and if you have an interesting picture of your product or niche, then you are likely to get them to stick around longer.

7. Try marketing your blog in niche magazines, or classified ads. If you particular niche has a magazine in publication, you could put an ad in the magazine to promote your blog. Many niche magazines have a classified section for ads. There may be a fee for this, but this could bring you many readers.

8. Online classified ads. Search out classified ads, and post your blog address. For example: If you write about crafts, then you could advertise your blog in the classified ads that are catering to selling crafts and craft patterns. You can advertise yours as FREE information, on sites such as US Free ads. com .

9. Put your blog address on your business cards. Marketing your blog, means getting the word out about it. Every time you hand out a business card, you can mention that you update your blog regularly.

10. If you sell at trades shows, or craft shows, or antique shows or collector shows, or whatever your niche may be. You can have a sign up list, where people who have stopped by to see you and are interested in your niche, and give you their email address and you can send them an online newsletter, that also includes your blog address.

As long as you keep adding to your blog, with good information and keep handing out the address for it, you will get people who will be interested in your niche, and will likely sign up as a follower, so that they find out about any new posts you add. But not everyone signs up as a follower, some people will just save your address and check on your blog once in a while. If you don't add something new often, then they will not bother anymore.

So, hopefully the above ten ideas will help with marketing your blog.