Promotional products are a method to market your business. Look around you. Do you see anything with a logo on it anywhere? Look at your pens, your calendar and your coffee mugs. Chances are you'll find more than one item with a logo or slogan on it. Did you buy any of them? And at home you likely have more than one T-shirt or refrigerator magnet with business information on it. All of these things are promotional products. They exist to remind you, or make you aware of someones business.

Promotional products often find their way into customers' homes. Unlike paper advertisement, a coffee mug might find a permanent place in workplace or kitchen cabinet. People who would ignore a newspaper ad or a radio jingle might notice your logo on a golf ball that they use every weekend.

Typical uses for promotional products:

  • Reward current customers - Building loyalty through perks.
  • Build name recognition - The products constantly advertise
  • Supplement your advertising plan - Get your company's name into the hands of the customer
There are a wide variety of promotional items from which to choose. They can be commonplace, but useful items as calendars, coffee mugs, and baseball caps. Or it may make sense to use a specialty item such as candy, nuts or even a first aid kit.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Promotional Products

Set clear goals

What are these products going to do for your business?
Build awareness of your company?
Help boost sales?
Thank customers?

Set clear goals so that you purchase items which make sense for your business.

Set a budget

Avoid overspending. Set a budget and stick to it. Identify all your costs for the promotion up front. Keep track of all expenses. Do not forget the indirect costs like shipping, handling and storage.

Seek out partnership opportunities

If you are sponsoring and event, ask one of your suppliers to share the cost. In exchange, you can recognize them by placing their logo promotional products to be gifted. Joint promotional efforts strengthen relationships with suppliers and make a statement about your commitment.

Do Not Over Buy

A lot of promotional products have a shelf life. Don't buy more than you need. The last thing you need is to have a stockroom full of outdated promotional items.

Promotional items are a silent salesperson. If the product is right, it will always remind your customer of your products or services.