Mobile websites and mobile content have become very popular as the march of mobile devices continues to pick up pace. As well as mobile phones there is now a proliferation of devices like smartphones, tablet PCs, multimedia players, and other Internet connected devices that all offer businesses another way in which to market their content to potential website visitors. You can choose a variety of methods to take your website mobile and to promote your mobile content once you’ve done so.

Mobile Websites

A mobile website can be created as a standalone alternative to your main website. Alternatively, you can use a design that determines what type of device is used to access its pages and then alter the layout and template of the site to best match the needs of the user. This form of reactive design is popular but, so too, is the introduction of one or more mobile apps that users can install and use on a variety of different devices.

Content Quality

As with any type of online real estate, the performance of a mobile website will be largely determined by the quality of its content. Those sites with better quality content will usually enjoy better results in the shape of more traffic, improved conversions, and better relations with their visitors and customers. As with standard websites, content can take many forms too.

Content Designed Specifically For Mobile Sites

With this said, and while responsive website design may alter websites to display content in a format that is most appropriate to the device it is being displayed on there are benefits to offering content specifically for use on mobile websites. Such mobile content will usually contain fewer words, being much more concise, and it will be easier to scan. Images are important and many mobile users turn to their mobile devices when they want to watch video content.

Mobile Marketing

Marketing a mobile website can mean introducing some additional features and design elements for your website. It may be necessary to incorporate a new design, to reduce word counts, or to offer specific apps that are designed for use on such devices if you wish to offer the best experience possible to users.