Benefits of Facebook Marketing

As of February of 2012, Facebook reached 850 million users worldwide. Each of those 850 million users represents a potential customer who wants to buy your product. This marketing powerhouse must not be ignored by online marketers. 

Benefits of Using Facebook for Marketing

  • Brand your business
  • Back link your blog posts, content and website pages
  • Engage your customers
  • Establish your authority or expertise in your industry

Facebook Logo

Facebook Logo(94898)
Credit: Facebook

Brand Your Business

All Facebook business profiles contain several elements that let you brand your business. The first step to branding your business on Facebook starts with filling out your profile. The bare minimum you need includes:

  1. Profile photo
  2. Cover photo
  3. Your website URL
  4. An "About" section

Your profile photo should be your personal photo, business logo or avatar. Be consistent across all of your social media platforms on what photo you use. This image becomes synonymous with your business. 

Your cover photo needs to be 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall. It must not contain any promotional images, discounts, website URLs, contact information or coupons. It needs to be an image that represents your business. This provides a fabulous way to brand your business and show your creative side. 

Your website URL needs to be in your profile as well. It provide an excellent back link to your site and a way for your readers to connect on the Internet. 

Your About section needs to contain your keywords. It is indexed by the search engines and you want it to appear when someone enters your website keywords. 

Back Link Your Content

Facebook provides an excellent platform for back linking your website articles. It alerts your Facebook followers that you created a new blog post on your website. They get the opportunity to share your content with their friends possibly increasing your following. 

To speed up posting your links, consider using a social media dashboard like HootSuite to automate posting your links to your Facebook accounts. HootSuite scans your RSS feed looking for new content. When it locates new content, it automatically posts the link to your Facebook page. 

Don't just link to your own content. You want to mix it up by asking your followers questions, posting to industry news and relevant, funny content. 

Engage Your Customers

The interface for Facebook lets you interact with your customers on a personal level never before experienced in marketing circles. 

  • Ask your followers questions
  • Ask your followers for their opinions on your products
  • Ask random questions to get your customers to interact on your page
  • Respond to customer service complaints immediately via private messages
  • Always respond to comments. Failure to do so means you risk losing your followers.

Establish Your Authority or Expertise

By linking to your blog posts and industry news, you establish your authority in your industry. You want people to view you as an expert in your field. Keep them updated with the goings-on in your industry and they will look to you for new information on your field. 

Write blog posts about industry news commenting on legislative changes and new technology. Show you have the chops and know-how to fulfill their need for an expert in your field.