Pinterest Demographics

Is Pinterest Right for You?

As a marketer, you need to evaluate all social media networks with the thought of "Is this right for me?" You need to review the demographics for each website to determine whether they fit your market research and demographic for your business, products and website.

Pinterest Demographics:

  • Gender: 98 percent female; 2 percent male
  • Age Range: 25 to 34 years of age
  • Income for 28 percent of users: $100,000+
  • Children: 50 percent of users have children.

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest Logo(94897)Credit: PinterestCredit: Pinterest

Pinterest Content Types

Pinterest provides a platform for sharing visually appealing content. Content that succeeds on Pinterest contains attractive photography or video that users want to click on. In order to even post on Pinterest, you need a photo or video. When users click on the photo, their browsers opens a new tab to the blog post or page that contains the supporting documentation for the photo.

Types of Content that Succeed on Pinterest

  • Products
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Arts/Crafts
  • DIY Projects
  • Recipes
  • How-Tos

Even if your business, product or service doesn't have an attractive visual component, you may still get use out of Pinterest.

  1. Create blog posts with your employees using your products.
  2. Create how-tos for ways to use your products.
  3. Create videos using your products.
  4. Take pictures at industry events

Benefits of Using Pinterest

Pinterest drives more referral traffic to website than Reddit, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. Use Pinterest as a way to generate traffic and interest in your business and website. Use Google Analytics to track where your referral traffic comes from. Your traffic reports tell the tale as to whether Pinterest works for you.

Pinterest directly integrates with Twitter and Facebook. This integration lets you share your pins with your followers on Facebook and Twitter. This saves time double posting content and provides another way for your users to find you.

Pinterest integrates with your website. Pinterest now provides social media sharing buttons and icons for making your website social media-friendly. Upload a Pinterest icon to your website and link it to your Pinterest profile. Upload social media sharing buttons to each blog post so your readers can easily share your content on Pinterest.

Tips on Using Pinterest

Businesses without strong brand recognition may want to use Pinterest as a person. Use the owner's name to upload content.

Don't watermark your photos. Some websites recommend watermarking your photos to deter theft of your images. Unless this becomes a problem, you want to eliminate watermarks. Statistics show that watermarked images do not get re-pinned as much.

Re-pin your network's content. You want to interact on Pinterest with your followers. Reciprocate with them to re-pin their interesting content. Not interacting gives the illusion of spam. Over promotion results in a loss of followers and the benefits associated with using Pinterest.