Freelance Writers Make More Money

Google has made changes to their Google AdWords Keyword Tool [Google Keyword Tool]. Many AdSense and AdWords users feel these changes are for the worse. Many articles about using this tool to find keywords for use on ad revenue sites are in need of an update. Maybe only minor changes would apply to those articles, but no one can be certain because of the [conflicting] technical methods used by Google. The best advice is to use multiple keyword tools.

For the techies: Using the AdWords API and the keyword tool, it can be determined that: 1) Field lastMonthSearchVolume is equal to data in the "Local Search Volume: Month" column, and 2) Field avgSearchVolume in object KeywordVariation returned from call getKeywordVariations() corresponds to the "Global Monthly Search Volume" column in the KeywordToolExternal web app (See related articles for more information about the technical aspects of the keyword tool).


Changes that are more significant stem from Microsoft's continuing efforts to dominate the advertising and marketing industry. If you are an advertiser or publisher, look at Microsoft adCenter for advertisers and publishers--Microsoft adCenter for Publishers (pubCenter). Acceptance into the Microsoft pubCenter program is limited at this time. I have been lucky enough to play around with the beta. Microsoft is going to kick some....

Now, there is debate as to whether ad revenue sites can use both Google and Microsoft technology on any one website. I doubt either party would agree to such terms. Should ad revenue sharing web sites migrate from Google to Microsoft? Alternatively, should they spawn new websites? It does not matter, at least not to me. I think freelance writers are in for a windfall $$$$. Yes, GOOD NEWS !!!!

That's right, more opportunities and higher revenue. I hope that we will see higher revenue from increased competition between Microsoft and Google and increased demand from advertisers. Of course, the law of supply and demand is not always predictable; advertiser competition could force advertising costs lower.

Google is always trying to improve their ad technology--more so now. Microsoft will drive a completely new concept, especially if they resolve their search engine issues. Advertisers should do much better with Microsoft.

Hey, what do I know? I am just another starving artist writer. These are just my opinions. No one knows for certain what will happen.