Many of you may not know, or comprehend who this man is. Maro is one of Christopher Newport University's leading philosophers. Some might call him a tree hugger, others a mystic, but i perfer the term Prophet. Maro could often be seen stalking the great lawn, weilding his mighty walking stick, preaching the evils of materialism.

Maro Max came to CNU with no expectations of becoming a new-age leader, but during his tenure on the great lawn of CNU, he had a vision. A vision for a better world, a religious, spirtual, philosopical epiphany.

He has crafted a new-age religious following, a concept that few can understand (myself included). But, I know the gist. Maro Max believes that we are all an eye of god and that god experiences the world, the universe through all sentient life. We are all the same, but each of us, a shared identity. That of creator. However, we all experience the world, all the pains and thrills in different ways. We live through the lens of god and after death, we are reborn throughout the multiverse, to continue to experience existance, in different ways. You may be reborn through time and space, maybe in the distant past, on an alien planet, maybe in the distant future on Earth. It doesn't matter because we all have the shared identity of the creator being, but through our actions in the mortal plane of existance we experience situations differently. This helps the shared identity grow, and experience new things. Our shared identity will continue to grow, for infinity, by learning through common mistakes and gaining through shared knowledge. There is no past, no present, no future, we are all living in the same instant of time.

These are the words of Maro Max, it is up to you to determine if he is a Prophet of the 21st Century. Maybe in the years to come the words of Maro Max will becoming as vital to the Human race as the words of Martin Luther King Jr. or Ghandi. It is impossible to know in the present, but I believe if enough listen to his prophecies of existance and religion then one day all will come to understand that we have infinite potentional.

Mysticism is hard to understand. Many did not take the teachings of Nostradamus to heart in the 16th century, and I don't expect you to take the teachings of Max to heart in the 21st century, but the potential remains for those words to become just as influential as any other great prophet of our human experience.